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Live (25/10/14)


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The Story


Journey Against Ouva is centered around Iris, an intern at the Global Disease Control Center (GDCC) who wakes up with fuzzy memories of herself and her surroundings. 

She feels a strong sense of purpose to join a medical response mission, but has no idea why. To top it off, mysterious sabotage cases have been happening in GDCC, causing unrest within the organisation. One of her team members is suspected to be the saboteur, and she has the option to investigate this matter.

Will she discover the identity of the saboteur? Will the response mission allow her to find her soul once again?














Project Status


Demo will be released within the first two weeks of February.



Questions for You



1. Does the plot interest you?

2. Which character is your favourite?

3. What do you look for in a visual novel?


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3. What do you look for in a visual novel?

Not stat-raising.


I suppose the quizzes might be decent but I'm not sure why you would put them in.


Then again, I'm kind of unlikely to read this anyway, so your market research might be of more use elsewhere (fuckloads of oelvns seem to incorporate dating sim aspects)... though the concept is at least somewhat interesting. As a sidenote, you spelled "curiosity" wrong and "core driver" sounds like some kind of sci-fi propulsion system.

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I'm not very sure if I used the right term here... It's not like you can increase 'intelligence' or 'social' or anything like that; the stat here refers to results from short in-game (timed) quizzes. This will not be the focus of the game - more like a side dish. I like to have the quizzes because it will give people the opportunity to test their general knowledge. The dating component is going to be optional. During the game, the character will be able to make choices, and for choices that present scenes not relevant to the plot (romance scenes) will be labelled 'SP' (subplot) so people can skip them if that's not your cup of tea.


Thanks for correcting the spelling!!! Core Driver was supposed to be Core Driver in Life but it was too much for the profile to take... I assume people think it means motivation but that's probably the wrong assumption...



Yes! It's called champignonkinok (because twitter has a character limit =_=)

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Project Updates! 10/12/2014


New minor characters ready!




and a promo art:




At this stage, I'm looking to release a demo late December 2014 or early Jan 2015. Although further development of this game is dependent of how popular the premise is on social media. To all Tumblr users, here's a December giveaway for you! Even if you're not a Tumblr user, the link has some screenshots of the game if you're interested to check out! :)



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