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Help with voices


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Sorry i'm new, dunno if posting in the correct spot, for the life of me I cannot get the voices in Grisaia no kajitsu to work.


Anyone have this problem before and how did you resolve it?


Only thing I found on google was one individual missing a pcm_a.int file, but I have all of those...




Thanks in advance

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[i might be a bit late]


Funny, I've never had this problem before. The only time I couldn't hear voices in VNs was when I was using faulty headphones.


I assume your system locale is set to Japanese, not like I'd effect the sound of the game though.


Reinstalling the game might work but it's hard to identify the cause of this issue with little info. Could you provide more details? Do the other game sounds work fine e.g. music?

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If you got the game illegally then it may be faulty copy of the game. Did you use the torrent that was on the Fuwanovel site (before it got taken down)?


Also, have you ever had this problem with other VNs?


And lastly, I would like you to post screenshots of the games files so I can compare them to my own, then I can tell you if you are missing anything important. If you have trouble with any of this just ask.

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