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Fan Translating Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (Nitroplus)

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For the fans of the anime Guilty Crown, I have fan translated this short (less than 4 hours) visual novel and uploaded it to YT for your viewing pleasure!
edit: If you don't automatically see captions please watch on youtube's site and click the caption option at the bottom right hand corner of the video.
Takes place during the “Lost Christmas” incident, ten years before the setting for the Guilty Crown anime. In 2029, an experimental subject codenamed ‘Scrooge’ escaped from a certain research facility. He was a powered up version of a past failed work and used the ‘powers’ which he was given to eliminate those that were chasing after him. During his escape, he met a strange girl named Carol who was also an experimental subject. Surrounded by his pursuers, the three ‘ghosts’ Present, Past and Yet to Come, Carol told him to ‘use her until she’s about to break’ and took his right hand and thrust it into her chest. There was a bright light and a strange weapon came out of her body. What hidden power lies within Scrooge’s right hand?

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