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Ar Nosurge: Comments/discussion

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I'm not done with this game, so don't think I'm ready for an actual review... I'm just going to leave some comments for those looking to get into the game.


First:  This game is literally incomprehensible if you haven't read the summaries for Ciel Nosurge.  The characters, story, and setting are all linked... so just jumping in from this game without reading them is going to leave you wanting to tear your own eyes out in frustration.


Second:  Ion is an annoying ditz and Cass is a tsundere.  Ok, Ion is actually kind of funny most of the time... but when you get to actual serious story, she starts spouting idealistic crap that makes her seem a lot more brainless than she actually is.  Cass... basically beats on Delta while occasionally going dere through most of the story so far.  If you have problems with either of these, you will have problems with the game as a whole.


Third:  The 'silent protag' thing with Earthes (who is basically you) is actually carried out well for the most part, with frequent dialog choices.  Not to mention his battle skills are nice and flashy, lol.


Fourth:  If you did play or read the description for Ciel Nosurge... you are probably going to get really emotional a lot.  I felt my stomach twisting for some of the stuff that happens to the characters and the way they act during the game.


Fifth:  The battle system, which basically is a race to keep killing all the enemies about to attack before they can attack to keep your turns going until you can unleash song magic to obliterate all the waves, is really easy to understand and use. 


Sixth:  The fact that you can clear an entire dungeon of enemies in a single encounter really makes exploration easy.


Seventh:  The Genometrics (the Dive system in this one), is really, really annoying in comparison to the Ar Tonelico games.  They made it too hard to get your song magic in this game... though the actual events inside the Genometrics are funnier than in the main Ar Tonelico series. 


Edit:  In the case of Ion's Genometrics, just get the gems from the first two tests.  Go ahead and finish Kanon's as soon as you get access to it through her.  In addition, I suggest having at least ten thousand Dive Points on hand before you go diving, as getting the gems often requires making costly choices.

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Lovin this game a lot, however sometime just sometime..i`m kinda annoyed about how silent is Earthes is, i know the fact that its "You" but still.

The battle system is fun however i still prefer Artonelico 2 battle system rather than this.

And the genometrics are fun as hell, its funnier,dumber and more..well just more than the rest of the Series IMHO.

oh...one mroe thing that i`m annyoed of Localized version...COSTUMES!!!!.

there r no costumes in this game, because in Japanese version u need to defeat a certain boss but they remove the content in the localized version. I really hope maybe a free or very cheap DLC for the costumes.

The Ost is as superb as ever, though some of em still couldnt beat my fav songs from Ar tonelico series.

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I agree with the First/Fourth comment. You definitely need to know about Ciel Nosurge to fully enjoy Ar Nosurge. Everything is constantly connected to past events/relationships in the first game. You miss out on so much without it, and everything will seem random when they're not.


I actually got a bit annoyed by Earthes's role... it's mostly single sentence responses, so the dialog between him and others don't have much depth compared to Cass/Delta. The only plus side, is that you can pick some funny/mean responses more often.


The battle system is Super easy even on normal mode. Later into the game, just in a single battle you could collect over 20k+ Dive points because of the xbonus. The last dungeon, I got over 100k DP in a single battle...  so going through the Genometrics can be really easy too (probably not a bad thing)..



Anyways, I just finished the game, and really liked it overall :) (even though the battles were quite easy and can get repetitive, I really liked the characters/story)

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Mmm... my main reasons for not being pained by this particular use of the 'silent protagonist' is because I've experienced dozens of rpgs that used the trope over the years.  Some were mediocre (the Suikoden series' use of it) and others were awesome (Growlanser III), but there is no essential problem with the trope... the problem is that most of the early games that indulged in that particular habit tended to make the protagonist a true nonentity, rather than using your reactions and speech options to make them something resembling a real person.  Slayn, from Growlanser III, had his personality literally altered if you made certain choices early on, changing what choices you could make later.  Earthes doesn't take it to that level, but being able to frame him as a humorous or earnest being (that's your choice, most of the time) definitely places him in the upper ranks of the silent protagonists. 


Edit:  Before a fanboy comes on and bashes my Suikoden remark, the fact is that Suikoden is one of my favorite series out there for jrpgs (even though it is essentially a dead series because of Konami's bungled handling of the IP).  It is definitely in my top three, along with Grandia (the first two), and Shin Megami Tensei (though most of the SMT games qualify as dungeon-crawlers rather than jrpgs). 

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It is was pretty cool/interesting concept making the player feel like they were actually an important part of the story, and the characters/feelings is supposed to be 'real'. I don't think I've encountered any game like that in an Rpg before. So I understand Earthe's role being the silent protag and it does work quite well. (just can still be a bit annoying xD)


@Clephas, I really liked the Suikoden and Grandia series too^^ (My favorites are Suikoden5, and Grandia2).

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