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Favorite superpower/supernatural abilty/ supernatural power/powers in general

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For me, my favorite supernatural power would be the manipulation of space itself, as in the very fabric of existence we live in. By controlling space, you basically have control over all aspects connected to it such as time (via general relativity), gravity, and matter. It can even be expanded and warped to your liking, and you can even travel through it by ripping space apart and creating portals. Those with this kind of power are pretty much forces of nature themselves, and beating them requires more than just raw strength and power.

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Personally, my preferred power would be to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of others, being able to make them believe and feel in certain ways about things. Certainly, it's not the most aggressive power out there, but I feel it would be one of the most helpful if it's wielder were to use it correctly. It would also require your enemies to think and have some tactics before engaging you, as else you could just change how they felt about the situation. It's definitely an interesting ability.

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