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FuwaFM: The Completely Official Podcast!

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OK, so since I started getting into otaku culture, one podcast-ing group had caught my attention from an early level: Podtaku. (for their page: http://www.youtube.com/user/podtaku ). While they may sound at first like a group of serious otaku talking serious anime business, they’re really just a bunch of drunk friends, and they SOMETIMES watch anime, so they talk about it. A little. Here and there :P.


But regardless, I found their work to be very fascinating and entertaining. And when entering fuwa, and getting to know the awesome community and all, I thought it deserved a podcast that kinda reflects the kindness of the community, the diversity of it, in the same entertaining no-bars podtaku system.

Ofc, this is not to say I want to make a second official podcast or something. Ren’s podcast is the only official one atm, and it has different goals and methods in its system. It’s for everyone to participate in. I just felt like this one would be more on the fun side of things.


So we've actually done quite a few episodes so far, about 3. Number 0 was just a test (and it’s probably best if u skip it, unless you’re really interested in knowing Monmon’s disturbing fetishes), the 1st is about the 5 Ws (the why, when, where, what, who’s concerning VNs), the 2nd is about Cliches (mostly), and finally in the 3rd we discussed VN (youtube) reviews. I would like to mention that the quality is kinda low in the first episode, but it’s still worth it to just hear Monmon’s voice xD. Our quality gradually improves the more episodes come out


Our last episode:-



A few things you might want to know:-

1-This isn't a public podcast for everyone to participate in. It’s mainly for my small group to just rant about stuff. Yes, we often ask for assistance from others now and then, but it is we who come to you! Not the other way around.

2-We don’t have a schedule nor a time limit. We do episodes when we feel like it, though it’s usually once every two weeks or so. 

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