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Just thought of having some sort of similar VNs in the VN pages. Like if you open Little Busters!, there's a panel below containing VNs similar to Little Busters! like Clannad or Rewrite.

I think there's been 3 or 4 threads suggesting this (or similar) and I do think something of the sort is being planned.

But maybe Tay would answer this better.


Regardless, if it's not being planned, it definintely should because it's a rather helpful feature.

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It's a great idea. Over the next week my priorities are:

  • Finish board mod handbooks
  • Finalize board mod teams and get the rosters to global mods
  • Start training of board mods
  • Finalize forums organization changes
  • Finalize game torrents' changes list
  • Get the server move started and finished
  • Blog redesign and makeover
  • Continue talks about Blog and potentially put out a call for certain jobs on the blog


The front site/blog work is subject to the calendar of our host, but I'm told it should be done this week. Once that's done I've got some high priority work to do on the front site (2 pages was sent already to Nayleen and ilegend but I've got additional changes planned). Once the high-priority stuff is done I think this would be a great addition.




I know that a lot of people would like this feature. Here's what I need from you (collectively): for each title on the main site start collecting tag ideas and relationships (prequel, sequel, fandisc). Try to err more on the side of "general" tags than VNDB (extremely specific) tags. (though feel free to use VNDB for inspiration) We may not add all of them to each game, but having a list of options may help us consider possible ways to link games.


Sound fair?

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