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Hoshizora no memoria problem and more


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  First let me state that its not only hoshizora no memoria my visual novels just don't like me anymore.





 That is what happens when I download hoshizora and this isn't my first vn I have played 3 really long ones with no problems at all. 


 Also did the download come with a setup.exe? because there is not one in there. I just need help because the 3 visual novels I wanna play are Comyu Kuroi Ryuu to Yassahii Oukoku , Hoshizora no memoria , and Grisaia no Kajitsu .


I've downloaded Comyu and Hoshizora and neither have worked. My system local is set to Japanese and theres a small JP in the corner.


These are my specs.









Links just incase they dont work the way I posted them above :  



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I thought i followed the instructions and there is a tiny JP in the corner near the clock, but do you have a link that shows me how to do it again?   



That's not non your unicode settings that's just your keyboard settings.


You can check how to change your non unicode settings into japanese here:


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If you encounter further or other crashes, don't re-download the game twenty times (like I did). Instead, just restart your PC. That might sound weird, but it works for some reason.


I still have a lot of problems with error messages (especially while I'm skipping) and rebooting somehow helps. I don't know if that is a common problem, but I thought it can't hurt to leave a post. Just in case.

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I've been having a problem with the new release of Hoshizora, the one with the eng menus.  A few minute into the game, and I receive an error message and the game force closes.  I have system locale set to Japan.  Would someone give me a hand or some tips?  I also have a friend who is having the same problem.

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It could be any number of things unfortunately. Did you do any recent virus scans or removals? Any removal of data? Did you move the files? Did you delete anything? Did you dare mess with the registry?


Stuff like that could contribute to your issue, so if you can think of anything, anything at all, that might have caused it, then it might be fixable.


I had the exact same issue with Rewrite on my laptop (windows 8), in which it worked for weeks, and then stopped working at the worst possible moment - the climax of Lucia's route. The only solution I could find was use my desktop to play... then again, I had issues with Rewrite's registry for weeks as well.


To sum up my rant, anything could cause it, so please help us understand what might be the cause so that we can help you.

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