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"Howdy", "guten tag" or just "hi"?

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Whatever you prefer, it's fine by me.



I'm Texas Dice. I'm nineteen years old and probably not very useful.


My little self is living in nowhereville in the south of germany. My hometown-district fits right between city and nature, so I can live both worlds. It's nice and green here, the air is alright and the stars clearly visible at night.


Friends say, that I'm a nice and fun guy to hang out with, so I'll take their word for it. Mix that with (un?)healthy cynicism and you get the real person.


Actual abilities of mine are quite limited. I have good memory, like to cook and I'm good with animals. Count me out of math problems though, because numbers are my weakness. I could probably translate german, just in case anyone needs that service. Or if you simply want to hear a cool/weird sounding word, that is also okay (happens a lot, actually). 



What got me into visual novels? I've always liked the Ace Attorney series, ever since I got my first DS and I also kept the BlazBlue story mode as a pleasant experience in my mind. 

About a year ago, I got sick of todays movies and video games. I feel like nobody puts any effort into writing a good story or believable characters these days (I know a fair bit about writing and analyzing).


Then, someday when I was bored and looking for porn, I found Katawa Shoujo. I did not find porn that day, but I found what I've been looking for: A Story and characters I can relate to and actually care about. So, after that I've read other visual novels and discovered my passion for them (and romance stories).


My answer to the "tits or butt?" question is "legs" and my go to fetishes are kneesocks and love. That is basically everything, so let's get along, okay?

No. You are now my arch-nemesis. I shall hunt you to the ends of the earth.

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Welcome to Fuwanovel!

Awh, that avatar is adorable. 10/10, would cuddle


No. You are now my arch-nemesis. I shall hunt you to the ends of the earth.


Hey, that's cool too.


Do we now have to regulary fight on stormy rooftops? I have dates and meetings and stuff.


welcome to fuwanovel, hope you enjoy it here.

You as well, fellow newcomer!


Welcome to the forums...

Thank you... 

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