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Visual Novel Extraction/Insertion (Hacking)


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My Japanese friend and I decided to try translating a very short visual novel together. He's very serious about getting into the VN translation, so I decided to help him with the extraction/insertion of text. Does anybody know of any good tutorials on this topic? I have a bachelor in CS, but my hacking experience is almost nil (I once made a simple aimbot for Cube Assault following a dll injection tutorial).


I would be very grateful if anyone here who has experience with VN cracking could share his learning sources. No big hopes up, but we are going to try our best, and possibly see it all the way through.


Edit 1: I'm not sure if this is the best section for this kind of request, sorry if this question should've been posted elsewhere 

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Back when I was looking, I didn't find a good tutorial specifically for VNs.


I just used Google to find interesting stuff:

win32 API

x86 assembly language

data compression

data encryption


You'll need to get a hex editor and a windows/x86 assembly language debugger.


Before you attack it, though, you'll want to identify which visual novel system your game uses.  Maybe it has been hacked (or at least partially hacked) already...

You'll want to check existing VN tools like the ones on tlwiki.org -- some of these have the source, too.


But to go from a CS major to a hacker, it may be that all you need is to read a few articles and some source code...and then learn by experience.

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