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Heya. Kaguya here~

Remember when I made that daibanchou mod? It's pretty old, so I'm guesing most of you don't know about it. The community changed a lot since then, so I thought it would be cool to make another one of those- possibly with a different game. Could even change dialogue this time around to make it even more of a joke, though I probably won't. 


Would you be interested in playing something like that? Also, would you be interested in being featured as a playable character in the game? 

I'll be changing this topic to G&C tomorrow, also~

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The shota vampire is tempting...  but I prefer the final boss.



Edit:  Can you honestly see me as anything other than the last boss?  lol

Meh, the power-hungry, sadistic secret ruler of a vampiric-ish kingdom fits you enough. Though I can certainly see a point for you being the final boss~

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