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If you have trouble learning how to use Ren'py, or figure something out, there are plenty of people who can help you on Lemma Soft.


Also, there's quite a few alternatives available. Some of the programs are still in beta stages, and others are only being used by a few people (so it might be tough to get help). Think about what software will be best for your needs.

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i don't know how to use python it's hard

Yeah thats why i said F*** you Renpy and used Novelty instead, its far more easier to understand and handle than Renpy could ever be.


I made a VN with it just fine (No choices though), i recomend giving it a try.


As for how to make an heroine well just take an estereotype and run with it, just avoid Tsunderes no one likes them as they are bitchs. 

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