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What are you listening to right now?

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Listening to some pretty weird and twisted stuff (except the last one)... So beware.

Freaky, but I love to play this all the time on Osu!. Just noticed it had a video to it so now the song became even freakier and more confusing to understand than before.

Really dark. Somewhat dubstep-ish. Lain. ^^

Beautiful piano, my ideal and favorite. <3

I like the first and last ones a lot. 


Today however, it's the classics:



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Persona 4 (never played Arena though :/) is one of my favorite games of all time, and given that I'm also really obsessed with its music makes that track a winner. My favorite Persona song has to be:

Other than that, this here's a specific genre/style of music I frequently listen to on most if not all general occasions, and it's glorious... Atmospheric/Liquid Drum'n'Bass:

Last but not least, I just found and played this on Osu!... and WOW! This is truly a masterpiece in something that can only be best described as "affection" (meaning it's very sugary sweet so beware ^^). Beautiful:

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