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「千の刃濤、桃花染の皇姫」 Teaser site - Newest august game

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Peaceful, everyday life has returned to ashes.

2,000 years since its inception, an empire ruled by a single-family fell to barbarians.  
As one would expect, everything began falling apart in quick succession.
While being pushed around by the torrent of the generation, people refused to give up and continued to search for a future.

The only remaining successor of the throne(Miyaguni Akari) desired power.  
She had to expel her sworn enemies, and retake the country.

A soldier who lost his past desired a master(tokita soujin?).
A tempered sword must only be wielded for loyalty to one's master or country.  

That day, guided by fate, the two meet.
Whether waiting for them at their destination is success or disappointment, nobody knows.


I don't know if I'll actually bother with the characters. 




Aiyoku no Eustia v2.0? Hype? Disappointment? What should we be expecting here? 

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Doesn't quite seem like they are aiming for another eustia here. However, August has always had rather great dialogue (daitoshokan) and amazing production values, so it'll probably be worth it just for that.

It does seem like they are trying a bit too much to attract some of the moege crowd, with what I've seen around, but we'll see. Probably a halfway point between their normal games and Eustia I assume.

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The art looks fantastic. Utterly pristine in some senses, but unless it's magnificantly good, I have other things to read xD. I can't say hype or no hype because I dont hae much experience, but if I had the time, I would be pretty excited from the art alone. The little bit about the characters and setting you mentioned doesnt seem notably appealing, bu tit could be if the characters are right for the job.

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It's pretty as hell which is typical of August games, and the game definitely gives off the feel of a setting in the past. (Although gives the feel of a more oriental past, than european past. To be honest I liked the european style a lot, and am kind of disappointed about that)


Based on the character description, I'll probably hate the main heroine (i didn't particularly like Eustia either though, and it was a wonderful game nonetheless)


The thing that bothers me the most is definitely what Wahfuu already mentioned, which is that it's definitely going straight down the moe pandering road.... 



>_> <_< among other things


No details about the technology on the page, but wouldn't be surprised if it was similar to Aiyoku no Eustia. 

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I disagree, but I'm not looking for a debate on genre definitions. Mostly why I said that it was worth mentioning as likely "not fantasy" is because what I suspect we'll see is a almost-modern-world equivalent, except that everything is "magic" instead of "science". It looks even less fantasy-like than Princess Holiday was.

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The artwork looks great and I like the sound of this "urban fantasy" thing.


Probably won't read it for quite some time though as I can't speak a lick of Japanese.


This seems impressive. Are works by August typically good?

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