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Lets collect all versions of Emiya(an OST from Fate/Stay Night) into one topic~

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As the title/description says. There's tons of awesome versions out there, so I thought it might be worth it to make a topic like this :3

For now, here's the one I found literally just now:

Will share more tomorrow morning, assuming you guys don't share em before me heh :V

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I like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKG0DUxPy0U, but I guess everyone heard it by now.

In my opinion, Fate Zero would be MUCH better if

played on the kiritsugu vs kirei battle.

is pretty badass when it comes to remixes, and there is a bunch of other links on the vid too.

Classic Techno and a

of many versions, these just make my League of Legends soundtrack sometimes xD

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