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unforgettable skype quotes


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[14:03:38] Yeah Way 【一車】: [14:02] Texas Dice: Fucking fence-sitter
[14:04:31] Yeah Way 【一車】: You're either convicted to being a ナイスガイ or you rape her.
[14:04:37] Vokoca: I only decide based on how much it would put my own ass at risk w
[14:04:44] Yeah Way 【一車】: lel
[14:04:52] Vokoca: I'm not a nice guy nor a rapist, I'm a fucking coward
[14:04:57] Texas Dice: Anyone wanna become radical?
[14:04:58] Vokoca: That's what I am w


[14:09:55] Hanako 百合: I'm not a nice guy nor a rapist, I'm a fucking coward - Vokoca 2017
[14:10:06] Texas Dice: (cwl)
[14:10:07] Vokoca: Yeah put that on my grave


I needed to post it @Vokoca ww

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