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unforgettable skype quotes

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From the depths of F.S.K:

[16:33:45] DimDito: Hello?
[16:33:50] DimDito: What time is it?
[16:34:22] Tenkuru: It's 10:33 PM
[16:35:09] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): I miss singing here
[16:35:10] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): ;_;
[16:35:51] Tenkuru: What's stopping you?
[16:36:07] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): Circumstances.
[16:36:15] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): It's been about two months since I last came here.
[16:36:24] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): Oh the regrets.
[16:36:30] Elias: >two months since I last came
[16:36:48] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): Depends on your definition of came
[16:36:56] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): Which would end up as two months ago or a few hours ago
[16:36:57] Tenkuru: I see
[16:36:57] Amanda Huggenkiss (KosakiFag): :makina:

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This happened a while ago, but here. :>


[10:11:00 PM] Kenshin_sama: Man, you're exagerating things
[10:11:03 PM] Kenshin_sama: excessively
[10:11:42 PM] VWZ: naw, it's simple extrapolation
[10:14:07 PM] VWZ: SEe
[10:14:11 PM] VWZ: this is the greater picture
[10:14:17 PM] VWZ: the man who hired the man who hired you guys?
[10:14:20 PM] VWZ: works for Publix
[10:14:23 PM] VWZ: and that guy?
[10:14:28 PM] VWZ: hired by the grand councilor of the Lizard People
[10:14:39 PM] VWZ: and the Lizard People? Simple slaves to the galactic overlords
[10:15:26 PM] Kenshin_sama: How would he have influenced my choice to go to Walmart? All it involved was my decision
[10:16:05 PM] Kenshin_sama: If I went to Publix, I would have only gotten groceries. If I went to Walmart, I would have picked up something from electronics, or a video game
[10:16:17 PM] Kenshin_sama: along with those groceries
[10:16:22 PM] VWZ: That's the thing
[10:16:34 PM] VWZ: everything up til that decision
[10:16:37 PM] VWZ: he meticulously orchestrated
[10:16:40 PM] VWZ: as every cause has an effect
[10:16:45 PM] VWZ: he made it so every cause up til now
[10:16:51 PM] VWZ: would result in that effect which followed
[10:16:56 PM] VWZ: the man you 'took care of'?
[10:17:00 PM] VWZ: just another cause in the grand effect


Can't remember how many sanity points I lost back then.

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