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unforgettable skype quotes

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Shit, glad I haven't been on the group chat much today. I leave and all reason goes out the window 

Oh please, holder of wisdom, owner of knowledge, bless us with your presence! We are in much chaos without your guidance!


Or should I be glad there isn't anyone joking about feet in the red see? ; )

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My role has been taken from me. I no longer have the firm grasp of my once was niche. *SIngle tear*

I must admit that was 1000000% sarcasm, and that in reality, the Skype group has noticeably increased with cyber h-scenes, retarded jokes and... Silence. We need enlightened minds to restore the golden ages, and we can't do that without you Life! So please, come back as fast as you can! I can't hold out any longer... Must... Read... Jule's quote of the day... !

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