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So I Think It's About Time


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Osu!Osu! welcome n have fun

enjoy a pun and a pic

Russia was slow to recover after WW2 because it kept Stalin around.



Do you like traps? If you do, you are one step closer to paradise on earth.
Read Sharin no kuni~~~ its my fav vn, and i hope you will like it too.



There are not enough words to describe the wonderfulness of that art.

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Iknow that man gakupo :D vocaliod WHOOO whatt are trap brothers

hahaha no. I know he is very similar but he is Alto Saotome from Macross~~~

P.S i love Gakupo too.

Well....he like traps and i love traps so much. So yeah...we like/love same thing.

You like traps?

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AHHH darn so close.... I'm glad we can share our love of gakupo... I've never experienced a trap before so I cant say Much

you can go to this thread  .

All the pics inside the thread are 99% traps. I hope you can enjoy the cuteness of traps too~~

Yeah i`m a fan of Gackt. And Gakupo sound provider is Gackt, so yeah i listen to Gakupo time to time.

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