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Reincarnation: Lovely x Cation Translation Project [TLC REQUIRED]

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  Dating simulator | Nameable Protagonist | High School | Slice of Life | Romance

 The protagonist lives alone in an apartment owned by his uncle and lives a carefree school life. One spring day, his uncle can’t stand seeing him confining himself in his room any more and tells him to go out and find love while he is still young. However, he doesn’t have any experience with girls nor does he have anyone that he’s interested in.

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Message from team:
Hello, we are currently working on a fan translation patch for Lovely x Cation. Let us make it clear from the onset that we are not looking to put out a mediocre patch. Quality is preferred as opposed to a rushed product with numerous flaws adorning it. With that in mind, if you feel you are up to the task to deliver a full-proof translation then consider joining our Discord or send us a message using our website. Above all, we are looking for team members that strive against adversity and throw down the gauntlet when the going gets tough. We would prefer to maintain a steady roster all the way until the release of our patch. Though, sometimes extenuating circumstances may lead us to seek additional help so that we can see things through to the end. Other than that thank you for giving us your attention and we would love to deliver a quality patch for this game.

Best regards


General links:
Staff]    [About us]    [Contact us]     [F.A.Q]     [Apply]


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Do you actually have any translators yet?

At this moment right now we got 1 step-in translator that helps us out until we can get a full-time translator into the team. Other than that we got 2 people with basic knowledge of the japanese language so we are able to start translating the interface which actually have already started.

We also got a full translation team at our disposal to help us out if questions or problems arise.


This is actually one of those game I've really been waiting for. I wish I could help, but I just don't think I'm qualified for any of the roles. All I can do is give you my full support. \o/

Thank you, I saw this game and I instantly knew something had to be done. Been looking for a dating simulator that looks good, and this piqued my interest.

: D

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I look forward to Lovely x Cation being fully translated! Also, that's a really neat website, did you make it oystein?

I would not say make it fully, the design is a theme for Wordpress. But other than that I guess all the customization of the theme would be in me and my Image editors hand. I still got a few corners to fill out and to make it seem more personalized for our group. But I have only been working on it for around 2 days I guess.

Lucky us our image editor is extremly talented so it makes it alot easier to get things created. I just play around and find a design that works and flows easily. :)


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Good luck with a project, and I have to say it, your project page looks great it seems so professional that someone might think it's an official website of some company and you yourself seem pretty pro too.


Once again good luck.

Thank you, while we were still having the idea to create this group I decided to play around in Wordpress for a few hours and this just ended up coming out. I'm pretty happy with it now, since I find these kind of tasks enjoyable.

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Your website is really fancy and flashy but... maybe you shouldn't link to a torrent of the game on it. I don't know of any other TLers who do this, and it really opens you up to legal action. I'd hate to see the project die an early death because of that.


edit: But seriously, that's a snazzy project site.

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