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[SOLVED] VNDS Fate/Stay Night corrupt script

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Hey everyone I'm running into an error while playing Fate/Stay Night on my android phone. After certain decisions the text turns into a mix of kanji and arrabic characters before changing back to english later on.


I've looked through other posts and found that this is due to corrupt scripts and that they can be fixed by replacing them with uncorrupted scripts. It seems all of the links to a copy of healthy scripts are deleted. Does anyone here happen to have a copy or know of where I can get one?


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Hey guys,   I was with the same problem, I managed to find the healthy scripts: https://drive.google.com/folderview?ddrp=1&id=0B2ifkuwdJmWPdTV4Uk0xZXc4WW8&tid=0B2ifkuwdJmWPbEJxbVQtazdLUWs If it get offline feel free to PM me and I'll upload one version myself.
THANKS A LOT! :D The script works perfectly, voices, bgm, everything, thanks again! :D Sent from my GT-S5570I using Tapatalk 2

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