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Hey everyone,

I started playing Sharin no Kuni and I wanted to know what the structure of the game was like.

From the walkthrough I rapidly skimmed, it seems to me that the story is very linear: aiming for a certain route won't change much except H-scenes and epilogues.

That's why I'm asking the people here that already played it: how much new content should I expect from each route after the first one? Is it worth it to make all the route, I'm afraid i'll just get bored skipping through the same stuf...

If there's little new content, what route should I start with? I know that if there are repetitions i'll skip mostly everything and just get the new ending, therefore the first ending i'll get will be the most marking one: is one of them really better than the others?

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Thank you!

Well then, I think i'll just read each chapter by following the corresponding heroin route, then finish the game with whoever I like the most for the first time. Then I'll proceed to see all the endings. I shouldn't miss much by doing that.

Actually that's what I do in every visual novel. I look for the two best heroine for me by basing it from the common route or the events before a choice and play one first and the second last.

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Honestly I can say that Frontwing's dedication to fix the bug in regard of changing the resolution is very touching, especially when their more competent fellow company Ninetails refuse to do so in Gaia because they're too lazy to go through the technical difficulty to resize the resolution into 16:9 and only provided 4:3 resolution. Seriously speaking though, Frontwing here is obviously bite off more than they can chew seeing that the resolution change here should be the least concern when it come to finished product, and it's not like they can't just release it as it is seeing that we also have Onigokko released in 4:3 resolution (At least they did good job to anticipate some people who would nitpick the lack of ability to change the resolution).

In the end, well obviously Frontwing release of Sharin is going to be a redundant one if they manage to get it later, especially when compared to Aoishiro there's almost nothing that was in need of change.

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