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(Character) Angel Entry Phrase! Game


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I just thought this might be an interesting game to see what people come up with :) so let's try it


First: Each member will post a picture of a character (can be from any anime/video game. Just let us know where it's from. I guess you could even create your own character.) Then pretend they've become your miniature angel doll.


Second: You'll make up any Phrase you want for their entry onto the Angelic Layer battle stage. You must include the character's name in the phrase somewhere.


Third: Name their special technique/skill or ability for the battle.


Fourth: Regarding the two posters above you, you can decide/infer who will win the battle based on the skill/ability shown. That means the third poster, will use my character post vs. the post below me.. 4th poster will use 2nd vs 3rd post, etc.  (This part is optional)  

The battle can be won by knocking the opponent off the battle stage or when the opponent can no longer fight/out of life.


Example From the Anime: 


Hikaru (Angelic Layer)


"Angel Wings! Please guide me and Hikaru!"

Skill: High Speed/Dodge


If you're unfamiliar with the Angelic Layer anime, it's about a game where people create their own dolls, and once they are inserted into the Angelic Layer (battle stage) game, they can be controlled and moved through the person's thought process from the headgear. When the person throws their doll into the stage, they have their own phrases they yell out for their angel. (If that doesn't make sense ^^; can just think of it as having a character as a Pokemon, lol. You need a phrase to release them out of the pokeball to fight.)



Okay, I'll start xD


Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)




"Let it rain, Juvia!"

Ability: Water Magic

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