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Official Loli Discussion Thread



Reason for this thread's creation:


It has come to mine and others' attention that recently there's been an increase in loli related threads/posts.


While we don't want to ban lolis from the forums, we also want people who do not enjoy lolis to not be swarmed by loli related things all the time. It needlessly makes some people upset and makes the community divided. 


Most threads created for lolis always end up accomplishing the same things which are: 

1) Comments on how lolis are cute and make your heart flutter (in some form)

2) Pictures of lolis being shared


While there's nothing wrong with that, there's no need to have multiple threads for that same purpose.

Even if you change the original post a little it still almost always ends up accomplishing the same thing.


I am aware that a big chunk of the community likes lolis (myself included), and that's fine, but there's also those who are bothered by the constant loli posting.


I discussed this with the staff and got Tay's approval as well to make the thread.


Thus the purpose of this thread is to once and for all, hopefully, stop further creation of loli threads.



Key Rule:

  • No hate, please respect each other and dont come in here flaming people if you don't like the things being discussed.


This thread is meant for:

  • Discussion of anything loli related.
  • Sharing loli pictures


This thread is not meant for:

  • Non loli related stuff
  • Posting loli pictures of pornographic nature (you may still share them in url form only with a NSFW tag)
  • Discussing anything loli that goes beyond the 2D world


Any further loli threads created after this one will be either locked and redirected or merged


This thread will likely be moved to G&C depending on how things play out but for now it'll be in GD for notice, please don't report it for that reason.


That is all, have fun~

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I'm not that much into lolis but, there is one that I can't help but spread the love for.


Hachikuji Mayoi

Yep, so no traps. :P

Question, is this considered NFSW? *Potential NFSW* http://i.imgur.com/R5Jk4GQ.jpg

Nagisa, then why mention traps in the first place? -_- You are calling Mon by saying that. The pic can be considered slightly NSFW.

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Yep, so no traps. :P


Question, is this considered NFSW? *Potential NFSW* http://i.imgur.com/R5Jk4GQ.jpg

NSFW is anything that has explicit nudity (nipples/genitals clearly showing), sexual acts, or extreme forms of gore.

Swimsuits are fine

Underwear is also fine (as long as the underwear doesn't violate the above stuff)

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