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Hi! I want to translate Dracu-Riot!, i'm a noob but i realy like this VN.

I opened this topic to find how to solve some problems, please help me.

I will public here how to hack in the Dracu-Riot! VN if i can do it.

I extracted the files and i get the scripts, but now the problem is this


this is one of the scripts containing in game text, but i cant find a way to transform the .ks.scn in .ks

because i can't read .ks.scn.


Please help!


Any info regarding .ks.scn file wil be a great help too!

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Well, besides possibly insem still working on it, there are other people as well who have shown interest in translating it. If you really know nothing about translating VNs, then it's best to just wait patiently for one of the multiple projects to pay off.

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