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( ´ ▽ ` )ノ "Sup Everyone"

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Hello, there. Welcome to fuwanovel  ;)

You should consider helping out VN translation projects with your computer skills, we could always use a tech savvy. Anyway, be sure to check this thread for more VNs.


Enjoy the forums and see you around~


I suck at hacking, but am willing to learn how to extract contents from a game if a software already exists. Hopefully I can become good enough to actually develop an extractor program for different visual novels as they may have different game engines.

But currently I want to help out on Walkure Romanze since I just finished the anime, plus it seems they might be in trouble seeing how their website has been inactive. I hope with my help I can liven things up  ;)  ;)


PS. I love Majikoi ( :wub: Tsubame and Benkei :wub:) - I definitely would like to start a translation group to help speed up the process of finishing what Wairu is trying to do!!

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