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Nice deck, that Pioneer :) My main deck currently is also Japanese dual-capstan three-header - AIWA AD-F810. I also have a bunch of Nakamichi (670ZX, 482, 480) and Onkyo decks. As well as some Polish ones, but those are more for the sentimental value ;)

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my parents started me out on component Hi-Fi around 1999/2000, before i had even quite left my teens.

they handed their entire system down to me, a mid-70's NIKKO 5055 stereo receiver, early-80's RADIO SHACK "REALISTIC" 31-2000 12-band Graphic Equalizer,

late-80's PIONEER CT-980W dual-well cassette deck, mid/late-70's BSR 200BAX changer Turntable, and some three or four-way pair of FISHER floorstander loudspeakers.

i made a ton of cassette mixtapes with that system over the next couple of years, both for myself as well as for my long-hauler, career truck driver father.

the 2000's wore on, seeing a procession of upgrades to my system, -many of them thanks to the great deals on great gear to be found at yard sales and thrifts at the time-

and today, -long since becoming a PIONEER devotee- i have built myself something close to a personal ideal in a nearly-all-PIONEER A/V system...


- elements of my first Hi-Fi, 20 years ago -









- elements of my current A/V system -











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