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Recent (Japanese) Things You Have Purchased


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34 minutes ago, Asonn said:

Indeed it looks way better than advertised. I told you, you wouldn't pay any customs. Not everything I say is a shit/troll reply. 

I didn't think what you said was a troll, it's just that the Portuguese customs office has fucked me over so many times that I doubt everything at this point. :P I was still 99% sure I wasn't going to pay customs fees, but again things have gone wrong many times in the past so I stayed skeptical until I actually recieved my package.

I will definitely be using Archonia in future purchases though, I'm very happy with their service (was faster replying to me than AmiAmi) and it definitely pays off if you live within the EU.

If I had one complaint, it's that the service they use to ship stuff to Portugal kinda has a meh tracking service. There was only one update telling me it entered the country and the next update was literally "delivered", meaning I had no clue when it was actually coming. Luckily my grandparents were home and managed to recieve it for me. But this isn't really Archonia's fault and they do offer other shipping services if needed.

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Finally got my copy of Fate/Zero material, after getting it redelivered twice because I was a lazy bum and didn't wake up in time to sign for it.  Picture time!

Pic with obi




Without obi




Sketches and art of Kiritsugu




Sketches and art of Saber




Sketches and art of young Rin (hnnng)




Lancer's spears




Bonus Saber chibi  <3




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So, I finally caved in and bought a dakimakura. This is my 2nd attempt at buying one (the first attempt went horribly wrong), so hopefully it all goes well this time.

And if you're wondering who's on the cover, it's obviously best grill Shiro:



Will post pics when I get it.

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14 minutes ago, Asonn said:

inb4 you will get arrested because of child porn.

Well, considering that bikini Shiro figure is for sale in stores in Portugal, I think I'll survive.
There's a version of this same cover where she doesn't have her underwear on and her shirt is pulled up further, but who in their right mind would strip Shiro of her iconic blue and white striped underwear? That's just pure heresy.

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Really awesome collection you got there, Nayleen. 

I myself just tried ordering my very first Japanese book, and that book is No Game No Life volume 4.
Since I've never ordered a light novel/manga before, I didn't get the entire series all at once, just in case something goes wrong, but I used https://www.bookdepository.com to order the book since they have free worldwide shipping and no VAT inside the EU. I also know what happens in volumes 1 through 3 so I'd rather get 4 for now and order the rest later if all goes well.
Hopefully it arrives safely at my door.
If everything does go according to plan I'll definitely be using this website to order future manga/LNs, their prices are awesome.

I also love the cover of NGNL Vol 4.


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1 minute ago, Asonn said:

I have used bookdepository.com for almost all my manga, and I order every 3 months from them to buy my latest volumes of Tokyo ghoul, Trinity seven and The Magus bride. and so far all the orders arrived safely without any VAT

I also bought manga after some figures, so the next and only logical step left for you: is buying hard copies of Chinese porn games like me(´◉◞౪◟◉)

Good to know. :)
I saw the website constantly linked over at /r/lightnovels and /r/manga so I assumed it's trustworthy, but, as usual, I have to be paranoid and test the waters.

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I have a Ghost in The Shell Manga as well as Hatsune Miku Mix. I used to have some Death Note, Naruto, and Vampire Hunter D but I sold them :__; Looked at bookdepository.com and saw they had DxD stuff so I might pick them up sometime. I would prefer the Japanese releases though. 

Today I got my Goban, Goishi, and Goke in, woot. Going to a friends house tomorrow to play some Go :sachi:

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My giant wo-class nendoroid arrived this morning. This thing is freaking heavy, like over 1Kg, do not buy this unless you want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping.

I forgot to take pics before I put it in my display case and honestly I'm too lazy to take it out because the staff falls off easily so you'll have to do with these potato quality pics.

She's really cute and I don't regret purchasing it, it's now the biggest figure in my collection and essentially takes all the leftover space on the nendoroid shelf lol.


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