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Really? Really!

Ivan A.

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Really? Really!

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Game Synopsis

This is the story of a certain day off after Rin got together with Kaede.


Primula comes back to the Fuyou home as family.

While the King of the Gods and the King of the Devils perform an inspection of Primula´s emotion control in front of Rin and Kaede, Primula´s magical force - which far exceded their expectations - goes out of control and affects Kaede´s mind.


The various memories within Kaede's mind are left in tatters.

As a result, Fuyou Kaede is left in a state of utter confusion and falls asleep.

Nobody knows when or even if she will awaken.


In order to return her memory to normal, Rin and his friends dive into Kaede´s mental world. Inside lies their past together.


Ending Guide

"Really? Really!" only has one ending

The goal of the game is to restore Kaede´s mind.

To achieve this, you must "attack" the choice with the keywords provided during the game. By doing this, you fix the current mistake in Kaede´s memory (I say current because at times there´s more than one). If at some point you don´t have the correct keyword, don´t panic. Simply choose leave and when you´re on the map, leave the current world and go to another one. You can find that keyword in another memory. 



Choices will appear in this format:

Choice to attack-Keyword to use.


Day 1:


Verbena Academy

1-"But Midoriba-san is a girl too, so I want to treat her feelings with respect." -Itsuki Midoriba

2-"I don´t have any plans today, so I´ll go home and get lunch ready." -Shopping


Their name is KKK

1-"She seems like a real, adult woman." -Ama Shigure

2. "I think I'd like to join your fanclub, too." - Bodyguards
3. "But she isn't around... She's a boarder now." - Strelitzia Institute
Thank You
1. "It doesn't look like anything is particularly wrong..." - Plushies


Day 2:
Passing Each Other By
1. "We'd have been fine if you hadn't told Sakura-chan anything." - The Couple's Past
For You
1. "Rin-kun, you're so good at doing the laundry." - Chores
2. "They were originally your bodyguards and are acting out because they're jealous of me..." - Bodyguards
1. "..." - Acting Polite 
God or Devil
1. "She's the princess of the World of the Devils, so she's different right down to her ambiance..." - (No Keyword, Choice will disappear due to events in other worlds)
2. "She supported you ever since I made you suffer in Sunshine Academy, and I think it would only be natural if you were attracted to her." - Teacher
Summer Vacation
1. "We'll commute from the same home, study at the same academy, and come back to the same home. All together." - Alone Together
1. "U-um... No less from the Devil princess, I suppose I should say..." - Devil Princess

Day 3:

1. "That's why I'll surely invite you out again. So we can be alone together, like this." - First Date
Let's Meet Again
1. "I don't think so. We didn't have any real plans today." - Appointment
2. "It seems like she regretted it a little. She said she ran away." - Confession
Homework Warfront
1. "That's Mayumi-chan for you. She looks like she's playing around a lot of the time, but is actually very diligent." " - Mayumi Thyme
Requests and Promotions
1. "She did regret not being able to party with everyone." - Party
2. "But unfortunately, it seemed you preferred Asa-sempai's costume." - Culture Festival Outfit
3. "I wanted to be with your, and Mayumi-chan, and Itsuki-kun... in Nadeshiko-sensei's class..." - Teacher
1. "I went to buy some really quick, so please feel free." - Determination

Day 4:

Happy Birthday
1. "Rimu-chan loves this cheesecake, so I gave it a try." - Alone Together
2. "The second I thought about giving myself to you, I was happy... so happy... and I accepted..." - Atonement
1. "But she's so pretty... Tiny and cute... It's easy to see how she's Rin-chan's mom." - Embarassing Parents
New Family
1. "Dog plushies, huh?" - Cat
2. "What do you think of it, 'Rin-oniichan'?" - Emotions
3. "Rin-kun... You like it on the longer side like that, don't you... It's very ladylike..." - Asa Shigure
Sunshine Academy Graduation
1. "So you can't. If you can't come without causing trouble for other people, then unfortunately, you have to give up." - Embarassing Parents
2. "This cake is cunningly well made." - Special Cake Recipe
1. "Sakura-chan... That one's a replacement for me, huh...?" - Name
2. "So that does mean... you slept with Sakura-chan... right?" - Confession
1. "You didn't do anything. You just watched." - The Couple's Past
1. "So for her to accept your confession is a truly amazing thing." - Lovers
1. "I guess sparklers are out of the question..." - Sparkler
Kaede Fuyou
1. "Who am I...?" - Kaede Fuyou


This walkthrough was made with a comment found on VNDB by realitymaker, so if you want to trully thank someone thank that guy(http://vndb.org/t5421)
Last Words
Well this is the first walkthrough I made in my life, so if there´s something that didn´t make sense or didn´t understand let me know.
So now use this and enjoy the game, or not it´s up to you in the end.
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