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VN Discussion Registration Thread


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I did a tally of the most recent 50 or so threads, and:


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->SHOWCASING A VN (either not released yet, or with more of a "Hey, look, check this out" tone rather than story discussion.)
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Interpretation: In the last week (=first two pages of threads), there have only been 7-9 s seperate VNs for where there has been discussion about the content of the game. I'm sure the fuwanovel community is playing many many more games then that.


Many VN's have few enough players so that people are playing them months apart. Heck, VN's in general take long enough that you can finish weeks apart even if you start around the same time. Basically, if what you are playing isn't translated and at least somewhat popular, you're pretty out of luck. There are too few people at one time to support a specific VN thread.

Here's what I'm proposing:


Everyone put down a list of the VN's they are open to discussing. It could be most of the VN's you've played recently, or just a few. Then when you or someone else finishes a VN and are looking for someone else to talk about it with , you can search the VN title in this thread and try PM'ing that person.


You can edit and keep your list updated as you read more VN's, or if you don't want to get PM's anymore.


To start off, here's my list.

Midori no Umi

Aiyoku no Eustia

Houkago no Futekikakusha





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Well for this purpose there is the VNDB list field in your profile, which is displayed with your every post - people can see what you've played there.


Well, my list is: FAVORITE games ;) (Hoshimemo, Iroseka, AstralAir)

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The thing is, you might not want to talk about every last game you've played. This way you've actively extending to any one else to approach you. Which I find is a lot different then going and pm'ing random strangers just because they've listed the VN as Finished. Like does anyone even do that?


The stuff I played is rather obscure, so I'm not expecting anything in like the next month. Still, I'm thinking there's a fair amount merely somewhat well-known VN's, that could benefit from this.


Well if this doesn't work out, let's just say I couldn't stand not trying :).

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Great Idea!


I'm most open to talk about:


Swan Song


Symphonic Rain


Of what I have read these are the VNs I found most interesting and have plenty to discuss. I welcome anyone to pm me if they want to discuss these works with me. :)

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This is going to be a pretty handy thread in the future, as the thing I love most about reading these works is the discussions/fan-talks with the people that come during or after them.

Anyways, my list goes like this:
Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ (duh, this is my biggest obsession for life. I'd talk about this for eternity if I had the chance.)
Cross+Channel (still need to read Saihate no Ima yet...)
The Infinity Series
Umineko & Higurashi
I/O (have a lot to say about this as well)
Hoshizora no Memoria (still reading IroSekai)

Fate/stay night

These are for now, this list most likely will be edited in the future as I move forward through the VN world more and more. This is what I'm most open to talk about at the moment, so it's quite subject to change.

Finally, I'd like to say that this "tagged registry-style" thread is a wonderful idea, as everyone can refer to it for future reference on not only discussions through PMs, but potential recommendations for what to read next as well. Then future discussions will ensue anyways, even if it'll be mostly long-term.



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