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Feedback from Tatsu [7.20.2014]

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Whats up.


Incorporating Light Novels

First thing I'd like to say is that if you guys plan on keeping Anime/Manga section like that then might as well add "Light Novel" in there, too. I read few light novels and it'd be nice to have a nice section of that. With that being said and I'm not sure if this is a rule or not. if there is a thread, say, about Fate/Stay Night then I think it would be nice to have everything related to that series inside the thread. Practically speaking, something like this.


I've actually tested one thread on Fuwanovel, which is here. The main objective of what I said is to keep everything together, rather than spread out across different threads. For example, say you search "Clannad" and you get few threads asking questions "Is Clannad a good anime?" and "Clannad praising thread" and then you see few "Clannad" general discussion threads. Then you have all of those spread out, obviously it is your choice to pick which one you want to bump up. But that gives the admins an idea of what I mean and what I'm trying to say.


Uh, I think that is it? I could add more like having a "Technology" section so everything related to science, computers, technology, non-life forms (in general) can go there. It can also be the "technology technical help section" when people's stuff breaks down or they need walk through on how to put things together, etc.


That is it. :P

Edit- In Visual Novel section, it would be nice to have a "General Chat Thread VN" thread (not section) or something along the lines to chit-chat about where you are in the VN, how you're feeling, didn't expect, etc. Basically talk about the VN you are playing or want to play. Currently I've been going on the "What are you playing now" but that thread seems more in general about what you are playing rather than what you're currently feeling/doing with the VN, where you stopped at, etc. I hope that makes sense? Oh, if this does get approved then it would be nice to have it as a Sticky! Or perhaps we can take that "What are you playing now?" thread and fix it into something like "VN General Chat Thread" and combine the "what are you playing now" with the "general chat"? I'm throwing it out there. Maybe we don't need to do anything but make that latter thread a Sticky?

Edit II - Just looked over the forums again, now I remember what I wanted in there. The "Recommendation" section! We don't have one! I'm going to throw few ideas around so you guys look over them.

You can have two sections where one focuses on Visual Novels (not that there are so many translated, but could be good for those who also read Japanese) and one for everything else like anime, manga, light novels, movies, books, etc. I was thinking of splitting them apart with 18+ Recommendations and a non 18+ but that wouldn't do because certainly just about all VNs have H-events. You can just make it a single section and call it "General Recommendation Section" or whatever and have simple rules listed.

1. Search before you post.

2. Tell us what you are looking for (type, genre) and what you don't want if applicable.

3. Tell us what you played, saw, listened to, etc. So we know to not recommend that to you. We don't want to see you posting "Yeah, read/saw it already!"

4. Give us your updated-list from VNDB, AniDB/MAL/AP/whatever so we can see what you already read/played/saw.

So that's just few things to throw around for you guys to think about.

And perhaps we can have a Music section? But I'm unsure of how to put it together besides talking about music in general, including songs.

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