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Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)

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Pretend that Keisuke posted this:


The final patch is out, and you can find it here! Merry Christmas!

Perhaps the easiest way to purchase a copy of Noble☆Works is through Amazon. Note that Yuzusoft does not have a downloadable version of the game, and it officially ships only within Japan, so you will need to make use of a mail forwarding service or something of that nature, assuming you live outside Japan.


Thank you to Keisuke because I'm awesome (this portion written by Fiddle); lead translator/image editor Fiddle; our other translators Secchan (who is also responsible for kicking off the translation), KiritoCy, Dark Blank, Solo Spieler, and Exiled; last-ditch translator Ephemeralist, whose extensive knowledge solved numerous complicated situations; our editor Twoo; TiagOfVarela and Decay, whose beta testing efforts went above and beyond to eliminate many a typo and fix awkward or ambiguous phrasing; Eclipsed, who wrote a detailed walkthrough for Noble☆Works on Fuwanovel; and OriginalRun, for his various forms of moral support.

If you experience technical problems, you can ask in the comments section of the Downloads page or in this topic.

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Finally, a new visual novel that'll show me how virgins write their romance stories.

Thanks for the hard work. <3

Ah, that reminds me.

I'd like to ask everyone playing this game to bear in mind that, as the original text was indeed presumably written by a virgin, some of the content certainly merits inquiry. Now, that involves not only an idealistic ignorance of the female reproductive system (oh how I would have liked to abandon faithfulness to translation in such areas), but something perhaps more important:

There are a few scenes, one in particular regarding Sena, which, in my judgment, could adequately be utilized in some sort of academic seminar meant to teach what is and is not rape, but more so the prior. I would hope that you recognize this particular scene—though there are others of lesser magnitude, prevalent in Akari's route—and remain conscious of the fact that one should not actually apply what occurs therein, for to do so would be both morally and legally (I hope) wrong. In short, take to heart such matters as the fact that there is no such thing as passive consent in sexual matters, you cannot blame your partner for arousing you supposedly beyond the point of self-control, just because you imagine that your partner is/will be enjoying the intercourse does not mean you are allowed to arbitrarily engage in it, etc.

I would hold off on this for a nukige, something in the nature of Euphoria or some shizzle, for it is obvious that the content of such games should not be replicated to whatever degree by which it is possible to do so. Noble☆Works, however, is obviously a lighthearted game, meaning that it may more effectively instill in the reader the notion that the sexual behavior that occurs is acceptable, because how could anything turn out bad in such a happy production?

tl;dr don't rape people.

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