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Favorite/Best VN openings


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Well, besides those already mentioned, some openings I like are:

In'youchuu Shoku ~Ryoushokutou Taimaroku~ OP, by Marie

Koiiro Soramoyou OP, bu Duca

Haruka Kanata OP, by Tsukiko

Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo ~Histoire de Destin~ OP, by tohko

Primal x Hearts 2 OP, by Ceui

Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na OP, by Sakakibara Yui

Gift OP, by Fujiya Misato

Boku wa Kimi dake wo Mitsumeru ~I Gaze at Only You~ OP, by Ayane

Wagamama High Spec OP, by Ooshima Haruna

Bokura wa Piacere OP, by Eisou Gakuen Keiongaku-bu starring I.O.

Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road OP, by Hashimoto Miyuki

Koiseyo! Imouto Banchou OP, by Duca


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More openings I like (I don't know how to post videos, sorry):

Fortune Arterial OP, by Mizuho

Mirai Sekai no Planeta OP, by Riryka

CURE GIRL OP, by aya Sueki

Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo OP, By Sakakibara Yui

Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road OP, by F9

Reminiscence Re:Collect OP, by Sakakibara Yui

The original Green Green OP, by Nana


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So far, my favorite are Little Busters' (S. T.), and Kira * Kira (S. T. also).

Anything by Key or Overdrive is bound to have good music, especially if you like rock'n'roll like me.




Also why not, this song is perfect for its game, and very beautiful:





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_Summer OP, by Hashimoto Miyuki

Artemis Blue OP, by Marie

Kanojo no Seiiki OP, by Mizuki Kotone

Hyper→Highspeed→Genius OP, by Myu

Nanatsuiro Drops OP, by Akira

Concerto Note OP, by Nana

Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai OP, by Ceui


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I've got quite a few, but of the top of my head some of my favorites are:

Black Wolves Saga -Weiβ und Schwarz



Kyoukai no Shirayuki



Collar x Malice



Prince of Stride 



Bad Apple Wars




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