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The most unforgettable moment in your VN experience

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What are the most unforgettable moments you had in a VN you read?


I'm not talking about the most 'favorite' moments, though these are applicable too I guess... I'm talking about moments that punched you so hard hard that you know you'll probably never forget them, moments that stayed with you for days. they can be scary, sad, happy, or exciting (or all of the above)


For me, I have 2 of these:


My first VN, Katawa Shoujo (also the moment I fell in love with VNs):

in Lily's route the scene Hisao was holding this piece of origami that she made and was slowly getting how stupid he was and that if he doesn't act now he'll lose her forever.


And Grisaia no Kajitsu, which was more a "wtf?!?!" moment:

Amane route, in the recalling of the events accident, the moment Amane and Kazuki while trying to run away finding the teacher and whats-her-face leader girl fucking and the hand of the girl that owned the dog next to them... and then the teacher face when Amane threw up.

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One of the most unforgettable moments I had when reading VNs will be in the Al Fine route of Symphonic Rain. The other one that I can think of will be the plot twists in Sharin no Kuni. I won't spoil anything, but if you've read either of the VNs, you'll understand what I'm referring to. There're probably many other memorable scenes, but I have a really poor memory so that's all I can remember off the top of my head.

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Muv Luv Alternative - a lot of good unforgettable scenes. Still pondering about that scene near the end talking about life. What constitutes life exactly? It was never answered and I don't think the creators of Muv Luv have much a clue. Is it sentience or the compounds which are our building blocks? An answer that depends on whether you ask a holy man, a scientist, a philosopher, or an alien species. 

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one of the unforgeable moments for me is the english lesson in grisaia no kajitsu i still get a laugh of it every time


on the creepy side of things there was that scene in kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi..-no spoilers- that really caught me off guard i was ready to throw my computer across the room

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Zero Escape are the two most memorable VN's I have read.


999's True End. Oh man, I finished the game months ago and I still sometimes mutter Morphogenetic Sorrow without realizing.



One particular twist in Virtue's Last Reward:


Tenmyouji's first name= Mindfuck (No, his full name is not Mindfuck Tenmyouji). Also that one scene where he shows Sigma a photo of Akane. (That scene will be forgettable for those that read VLR before 999, and I pity those people.)


Bear in mind that this one was picked from many other memorable moments:

Namely, Luna-End(</3), K-End and Lugermorph's first appearance.



Steins; Gate:

Okay, both (weirdly) involve Tennouji Nae, a "side character":

1) Chapter 6. The subway. Need I say more?

2) That part in chapter 9(I think) where Nae tells Okabe that she will find him, torture him and kill him in the future. Pretty damn creepy.

Bonus: That scene where Okabe pretty much rapes Lukako. I mean, how did others get over that?... ARRRGH, I'll just try to forget it.



The moment we learn Sora (aka my favorite character by far in the game) is a hologram is unforgettably funny- or awkward-.

The first time we hear Coco singing that lullaby ("Der Mond Das Meer").



Not the good ends. Man, This game could have been a 9/10. But the crappy ending means it gets 6.5-7 mark from me(also because of the heap of insignificant and useless, copy-paste bad endings which are just "whoops, I warped and I am dead.")

That one bad ending where Kokoro commits suicide because of guilt. It was sad yet creepy. Possibly the best moment of the VN.

One of the bad endings where she just collapses into the snow. I do not know why, but that CG makes me really sad.

Also, this still has the best intro movie of any VN I have read (you adapt after seeing it 30+ times).

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Well, there was a time on my life where I was incomplete, unhappy, It was that way until I started playing Little Busters, and on a faithful day, I met my first loli ever, Noumi Kudryavka. My life was never the same, I became dedicated to lolis, a loli priest if you'll say.

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Off the top of my head:


Kyonyuu Fantasy:

Martel's development in the later part of the game. At the time it surprised me that they'd give a character who seemed like he'd be a one dimensional character that kind of attention development.


Kyonyuu Fantasy 2:

The palace guards' siding with Ruin in the harem route. Seeing this group of unnamed characters go through just how bad serving a tyrannical king like Highness can get when he has one of their own executed on a whim not only served to heighten the stakes of Ruin and co. winning, but it also made me care about the fate of what otherwise would have been insignificant characters.


Kansen 4:

Makoto and Aya's true endings for how they had me thinking for days afterwards about how both endings made such good representations of how one can begin to move on from a world shattering tragedy.


Fate/Stay Night:

Kotomine's backstory


The scene between Shirou and Archer just after he unseals Archer;s arm to fight Black Berserker.

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tbh... after you play enough VNs, you run up enough of those moments that you could make a list of a hundred or more.  However, I'll list one of my favorites here.




When Dimitri and the other Calamity Monkeys sacrifice their lives to bring Phantom Killer/Kou back to his senses, dying with a smile. The last CG of Dmitri's standing death, with a gentle smile on his face, still breaks my heart and can make me cry just remembering it.


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Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi had a lot of amazing moments where I didn't know if I should run away screaming and never turn on my computer again, or just laugh manically at how clever it all was. It completely changed the way I look at VNs, and I'm not going to easily forget that experience.

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Sharin no Kuni:

When they started revealing Kenji's sister and then we find out she has been shadowing him all this time and he was actually talking to her when he was 'talking to himself' xD (also thats why he had women's underwear!)


The big reveal at the end basically,the whole novel was underwhelming but that kinda made up for it

Grisaia no Kajitsu:

Well too many to name really,just to name a few: Yuuji himself said a lot of memorable lines. They were in most cases really clever xD.

Amane's flashback was also really well done,the horrrors of being stranded with limited supplies,not many things potray that properly.

Yumiko's route also had its moments,i liked how she acted after falling for Yuuji :P. Her flashback was also quite nice. Oh and the way she tried to help Yuuji with housework to impress him was nice too :D

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There are too many memorable moments for me..


- Umineko

It was full with it..


- Muv-Luv Alternative

I cried in the scene with the BETA at the end, where Meiya gave her life. And of course also a certain scene involving Marimo and BETA-kun.


- Sharin no Kuni

I didn't like this story that much but there was one scene that was really touching me for some reason

when Touka made food for Kyouko and Kyouko got mad and started throwing food everywhere, and Touka just continued to smile at her and say its ok, both crying.


- Rose Guns Days

I was really touched and got tears in my eyes when

Leo went to see the man that had become the new godfather of the Tokyo underworld for the last time as a friend, and he finds out about Rose being kidnapped, hurt and raped by the man's subordinates.. he slowly walks in and carries her numb body outside while saying some last lines to his old friend while looking cool.


Another thing was at the end of the 2nd episode,

when Leo was sitting in the big hall of the building where the last fight of the episode would take place, a single man waiting for tons of enemies while smoking a cigarette *epic music plays*.


- Sekien

When Ati died..

and the ending, when you finally understand what was going on in this story


- Higanbana

The whole second little story in Higanbana 2nd night

the girl who was sick of life stepped on the13th step and was run after by a youkai every night, they played a game, she ran he followed, if he got to her he would kill her. She regained her will to live because of this and the youkai that had brutally killed another girl in front of her eyes actually helped her.


....and (too) many more ^^;

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Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi had a lot of amazing moments where I didn't know if I should run away screaming and never turn on my computer again, or just laugh manically at how clever it all was. It completely changed the way I look at VNs, and I'm not going to easily forget that experience.

One of my friends has been going on about this VN and now I personally want to read it to see what's up.

OT: Honestly, I've had a lot of these types of awe-inspiring experiences with VNs due to my ability to immerse myself in them wholeheartedly, but I can name one that I say will practically stick with me for the rest of my life. I don't want to even place anything in a spoiler here because, 1) I'm not entirely sure how many here who've also came across and read this VN (it's really niche :/), and, 2) even I would consider it quite taboo to spoil anything in this even given a warning. The final chapter and ending of Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ (at this point it's clear I'm giving this a bit of hyperbole due to my obsession, but many have agreed that it's truly wondrous).

It might've actually been the entirety of the VN that was awe-inspiring/unforgettable, for the extremely idealistic writing and ideas it presented "clicked" with me almost perfectly all throughout. It's just that the final chapter stood out as it dropped something considerably huge on me at a deep personal level. Subahibi is probably the most "moving" VN I've ever read (not entirely for tears though) and that I'll ever read (maybe). But I will say that this was only really due to my own personal circumstances matching so much with the implications, themes, and ideas. The actual content by itself was only half the factor that provided the shock and awe I had after finishing Subahibi, while the other half was myself.

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During Ran's route, when she has the weird sequence where she gets a gold statue of the MC and cries when she relizes the real one is gone. Pefect scene showing her love for him.



Kira's route, the entire part after the cup cracks and seeing Kira in the hospital and the after story with the MC's depression. The only thing going through my head during that was that there had to be a true route for her.

These two are really memorable for me because they touched my heart and were perfect scenes imo.

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