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  • 2 months later...

Batman and the Little Busters


(Note that Little Busters Spoilers will appear)


"Oooh! Nice hit Riki!" Kyouske's voice can be heard from across the field. Riki made stupid girl noises in response.


"You have such a man boner for him Riki, just ask him out." 


"Wha!? Batman! Where did you come from!?" Riki asked turning around. Batman was already gone though, running down the third baseline chasing Kud.


"Things sure have been strange with him around, haven't they?" Kengo was walking towards Riki from first base.


"And his muscles are just HUGE! ARRRGH!" Masato took off after Batman screaming something about a fight. He never won these though. 


"I don't like him." Rin was glaring in Batman's direction with suspicion. 


"He did show up out of nowhere, with no memory of how he got here," Mio added. Batman, done chasing Kud around who had passed out from fright at the sight of Masato and Batman chasing her, walked back to home plate.


"Are we having a team meeting? If so, I have some suggestions to make. Cut Kud. She is a liability. I think we can trade her for a draft pick next year if we package her with Haruka. We need to think about the future here."



It was just another day for the Little Busters. Mio was right though. Batman had just appeared out of nowhere, with no explanation other than, "I made a wish." Kyouske had asked at one point to investigate, but Batman turned him down. Still, it was Kyouske's idea to add Batman to the Little Busters. In the battle standings, Batman was never able to take first due to Kuds secret weapon, "The God Damn Beam". It's attack melted the heart of anyone in a 5 foot radius and was especially effective on balloon boobed onee-samas. 


The days were filled with fun and games with Batman around. Batman seemed to have the answer for everything. He saw through Komari's conveniently timed issues, he repaired some rocket for Kud, he simply shrugged his shoulders towards Mio, he even made a movie starring Bill Murray based off Kurugaya. Despite Rin and Mio's reservations (Mio was jealous she didn't get a movie), Batman was loved by the Little Busters. And nothing seemed like it would change that... until the fateful day.


Batman awoke on the roof like any other day. He made his way off the roof using the same path Kengo took one day. Being Batman, he did it with more grace obviously. Once at the bottom of the building, he grappled his way back up to the classroom to take his seat. Riki had asked why Batman didn't just simply use the stairs like a normal person. Batman just replied something about Key needs quirks to offset poor writing. It didn't make any sense to Riki, but what did?


Batman quickly noticed how silent the room was. There was no loud obnoxious pink haired girl trying to rip his mask off today. Where was she? Batman secretly looked forward to seeing her everyday. He was a tsundere after all. Setting that aside, Batman slowly realized that there was in fact no one around. The class room was just silent, and still. Batman grew unsettled. It was just like the last time he entered a world. Had he come to the end?

He looked out the window and saw the Little Busters out on the baseball field. What were they doing out there!? Class was about to start! Odd as he was, Batman did not accept tardiness from the Little Busters. He swooped out of the window and glided down to the field. 


"Citizens!" he growled. "Class begins in 1 minute! HURRY!"


No one paid him any attention. Instead, Riki was staring, dumbfounded at Kyouske, who was crying. Kengo too had tears welling up in his eyes. 


"Wh...what is going on?" Batman asked.


"Batman," Kyouske said turning to him. "Watch over Riki and Rin. Make sure... make sure they live on. Make sure, Riki is strong enough. One by one, the Little Busters walked up to Riki and Rin, saying goodbye. After each one would say something inspirational, they would vanish, as if they never existed.


Soon, only Rin and Riki remained with Batman.


"Uhhh.... what just happened? My Bat-sonar is not picking up any life form at all." 


Riki and Rin just stood there.


This is no good, they are in shock for some reason. Most likely over the disappearing friends. Meaning... we are at the good part. 


Batman showed a small smile. This time, he could change it. He could make it all worth it in the end. 


"Riki! Rin! Lets go!" Batman grabbed both of their hands. Slowly the world around him vanished. The smell of gasoline and blood began to fill the air. The world was turning into a scene of blood and gore. Bodies littered the bus.


Batman heard a moan. It was Riki, just where Kyouske said he would be. Batman grabbed Riki and dragged him faraway from the bus. As soon as Riki was safe, Batman ran back to the bus as fast as he could. He found Rin and just as quickly as he had come, he got her to safety as well. Batman then pressed the detonator, destroying the bus. 


"Let's see you bullshit a miracle out of that Maeda," he muttered. Batman called the Japanese equivalent to 911 and awaited the moe animu nurses to show up. This was always his favorite part. Batman swooped into the tree and waited. When the nurses showed up, Batman hid, and followed them back to the hospital. He would watch over Riki and Rin, just as Kyouske asked him to do. He would make sure Kyouske's unwilling sacrifice was not in vain. 


3 days later, Riki woke up. He had some bad injuries, but would pull through. Rin managed to make it out with minor injuries, thanks to Kengo. It was their first meeting together since the accident. Batman had finally pieced together what had transpired. Kyouske, Kengo, and Masato had created that world to make Riki stronger. The Little Busters never included the likes of Haruka, Kud, Komari, Kurugaya, Mio, or anyone else. It had always been those original 5. 


To Riki, those times would be but a simple dream that would make him stronger. He would use what he learned in the dream to care for Rin, and lead a happy life, not knowing what had really happened. Kyouske's brilliant plan would turn Riki's weakness against him to make him stronger. Riki would move on.


But that isn't what happened. Batman overheard Riki talking to someone. Riki was simply saying it wasn't enough. He had to keep going. Batman knew, this wasn't part of the plan. He was going to have to show himself to make sure the plan stayed true to the path. 


"Riki," Batman growled from a dark corner of the room. "Don't do this."


"So you are real!" Riki look surprised, but acted relieved. "So this means..."


"No Riki. I'm special. I can exist anywhere. All I am is a mask, a symbol. That is why I was there."


"You're wrong. You were part of the Little Busters. With all of us. Komari, Haruka, Kurugaya, Mio, Kud... all of us." Riki was smiling. 


"Riki, it was a dream. Those people... you never met them!" Batman was growing impatient. His time was running short. He could only remain for so long before everything collapsed. Already, he sensed the world fading from him. "You have to move on! Don't let what Kyouske and the others did go to waste!"


Riki looked at Batman with a look of steely determination. It caused batman to take a step back. Had he really become that strong?


"They are real, Batman. As real as you, as real as me. They were, and are my friends! We are the Little Busters. If Kyouske is strong enough to shape and create a new world... then... then so can I!"


"You're set on doing this. You know... if you fail, it means you will die. And Rin... Rin will be left alone. Are you prepared for that risk. To lose everything you've gained?"


"Yes, Batman. I am. I have to do this. For me, for Rin, for the Little Busters. I know they are real. They are part of the Little Busters... and I will save them."


Batman did all he could to hide a smile. Kyouske really was something else. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from him... if only he had the time. 


"Then do it Riki. Use all the strength you have. Save them, save the Little Busters. I was supposed to watch over you, to make sure you lived a happy life. But, its impossible for you and Rin, without all of them. Go."


"When this is done, Batman, lets play one final game of baseball." 


A single tear fell down Batman's cheek. "I would love to." 


The world began vanishing. Batman could hear Riki calling for him. He would soon forget though. That is how this power worked. Lights appeared everywhere. Batman felt the constraints, binding him, preventing him from resisting.


He was back... as back as he could get. The anime convention was far far away from here, wherever here was. 


"Damn you Maeda. You clever bastard. I thought I had you that time. But don't worry. I have one more trick up my sleeve you miracle writing hack." Batman stood up, ready to move on to the next world, to try and end Maeda. 


As he stood up, a picture fell from his utility belt. The sight of it brought back a flood of emotion. Batman really did enjoy his time with the Little Busters. He realized it now. Despite all of their flaws, and how cliche those people were... he did enjoy being with them. Putting the picture back into his belt, he braced himself for the next world. But he would not forget his new friends. The first he had ever had. The Little Busters.



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