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What are your thoughts on Black Bullet?


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black bullet is an epic anime but can't say much about the ending.
I think the story is almost the same as Shingeki no Kyoujin  11:12, 

similarity is to protect an area from harm other creatures which threatens the extinction of Humans !


but for me, that's not enough, i want one season more :D

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I was about to post about this.

Honestly I am disappointed. I was really enjoying it before. The ending felt rushed and without a second season will be left open ended. In the end he was powerless. Everyone else did what he could not.

By episode 6 I'd have given it an 8. By the end of left at one season a 6 at best.

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I feel like Kendjin. Black Bullet had a good plot to utilize and didn't even use half of it.


The whole ranking system thing, mentioned but unexplored, was virtually useless in the anime almost (albeit for one moment where his rank mattered). I'd like to have seen who was ranked number 1 for example.


The background regarding the monsters, unexplored, they just show them invading a town at the beginning and then they never address it again, you're just kind of thrown in this scenario where there's monsters attacking humans with no context, okay then.


A goal. The series had NO GOAL whatsoever. They never had a direction to go, a goal to achieve. Just look at it, a monster is about to attack and they go fight the monster.For what goal? To fight the monster. It feels more like filler than anything else to be honest.

The first arc of the series seemed to have some goal which was to capture that masked guy and know what he was up to but then they didn't follow up it properly and fell flat on the ground.


And then that half assed open ending that I don't even want to mention how poor it was.


And this all coupled with awful pacing. The series seemed to be lost in its own messy world.


I gave it a 6/10.

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Guest sakanaとkoeda

I thought Kisara was pretty cool. Her character design could've been better [for me] (sometimes disproportionate body and shredded paper-like hair were weird).


Some of the action scenes, characters, and story were nice. But other parts, not so much. Too much protagonist (Rentaro) hand-holding for my liking. Many introduced characters were undoubtedly better suited to resolve problems, but they all seemed to defer to Rentaro to advance the plot. I didn't hate him; he was likable enough and capable enough. I just felt like they pushed too much on him (pretty stupid to have one man carry the world on his shoulders; especially when it's on the brink of ruin, and he doesn't know what he's doing).


I've seen better, and I've seen worse; so it was okay for me.

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