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Need help with extracting VN scripts

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Hi everyone,


This is a noobie question, but as of now I'm clueless as to how to use Kirikiri and KAG to unpack/pack VN files.


Following the instructions on http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Kirikiri2_for_Translators, I downloaded Kirikiri2/KAG3 from here http://kikyou.info/tvp/#downloads, copied the krkr.eXe file to my game folder, then put in the command "krkr.eXe -i data.xp3 -o" and.. it simply starts the game.


If I add an output folder at the end of the command, I get the error message: "スクリプトで例外が発生ちました。ストレージstartup.tjsが見つかりません。"


Please help. I've been Googling for days, and my Japanese is at first year level so I can't rely on Japanese webpages at all.

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