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FAVORITE - Iroseka and how does it compare to Hoshimemo (no spoilers)


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Wait what? Rechecked IroHika actually is a fandisc? Gotta to be kidding me

As someone said, Hikari completes the story. I also realise some blanks with my weak Japanese skills. I thought only Aka should be the fandisc, is vndb wrong?

I like Irotoridori but not to that extent of op. Not going to say anything more.

Edit: Okay, this post is quite long ago. Is necro allowed in this forum, or special cases apply?

Edit 2: Nvm, found my answer

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Hikari is a sequel imo and Akaseka is more of an fandisc even though it also still continues the story and brings it to an end.

Also there's no way that they could have done the whole routes in Sekai. No one's budget can take that xD


yeah I meant that Hikari

There are VNs the size of Sekai and Hikari combined (~90 lines), right (well likely we would have gotten less CGs and content so maybe it's good this way). But I don't really care as long as Hikari fills the gaps in the story

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I also really enjoyed this game as well. It is for sure better than Hoshimemo.  Funny this thread popped up shortly before the English release. I have already played it, but for sure will be buying the English version. Let's hope at least the sequel is translated as well.

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