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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

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Guys.................. It actually happened.....   I actually... got a Nico...     The tears won't stop.   Even if it was just one SR as I expected, for once, FOR ONCE I got a Nico, and on t

Well, I sorted through my screenshots, but due to the 25 screenshot limit, I had to omit some less important ones. Here's a list of screenshots when rushing the SR

In order to be grateful for the URs you have and so you won't make others feel bad, I have decided to create a guidelines of things you have to do for every UR you get in the future, depending on the

So. Aquors. what are you guys' overall opinion on them having been there when they were introduced up until they were finally implemented and all that jazz?

I remember being an unwelcoming can't-accept-the-new-generation prick back when I heard Sunshine was being made but now i gots the anime loaded up cuz i definitely wanna watch the damn thing b4 daring to venture onto the Aquors tab of llsif

Just out of appearances Dia is freakin' gorgeous so she's my first impression bias

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On 6/21/2017 at 10:47 PM, Ceris said:

I love Aqours. On average, I actually like Aqours song more than muse, and member wise too. My favorite Aqours is easily Ruby, followed by Maru, You, and Chika. There's just so many good songs from the group too.

Ya, muse songs are actually pretty meh lol, i was hoping for at least another susume tomorrow tier song out of all the songs i had to catch up on but nope. 

I finished binging sunshine, luckily for me it's been a while so i dont remember too much about LLS1 & 2 so i wasn't too nitpicky about stuff like the rehashed 2nd years' first concert heartbreak and local-school-idols-save-the-skoo plots

1st years are too awesome, i was whatevs towards the likes of Rin & Hanayo (srry Ceris xD) but man oh man hanamaru & Ruby are probably in my upper tier of favs for being just so adorbs heartwarming. Yohane's aight, kinda too one dimensional though 

2nd years- not much to say, Chika's Honks v2.0, jumps too much, and still looks waaay too goofy to me with that hair, You's kind of just there but at least had a pretty fun 'neglected best friend' late game conflict. Riko's cool. Like a tsun-less version of Maki. Felt like she got too much of the plot allocated to her though, could've used some more screentime for the other members i think.

3rd years - DIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. who the hell are mari and kanan, it's all about Dia. anyways i always liked the confrontational conversations that these 3rd years had with each other from early to midgame, they would face off and the bgm would get all serious and it feels like you're watching a battle of wits drama instead of happy slice of lifes xD but then they had to nerf all the buildup of cool atmosphere when Kanan finally returns to skoo and they all bicker like children only to finally get spanked by Chika, in general though goddamit i hate it when the conflict basically boiled down to "I WAS DOIN' DIS FOR YOUR BENEFIT, EVEN THO U DIDN'T ASK MEH TO!@#'


Dia >>> Ruby > Hanamaru >>> Riko > Chika > You >= Mari >= Kanan >= Yohane

Not gonna do anymore hard comparing between the two, Aqours is Aqours and u's is u's, Chika removing the poster from her room was probably one of my favorite symbolic moments... along with Riko getting a lobster pillow thrown on her face



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'Tis the way of pay to win ><

Someone who really surprised me though who used to post here but migrated to Ezeefreak's OTK website was maki~chan / AkemiChika. I remember she got depressed one time because she couldn't get a UR Maki

Now she's a big time baller $-$ her profile bonds is decked out with Tricolor UR Makis and all that. Proud of her x)


Regarding the score match going on in EN: im a pansy who's been playing in Hard because of the score match point system. Anytime i go into Expert i get eaten alive and get like -500 pts it's insane @-@

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This is like, a mega late reply, but my Aqours order is Ruby > Hanamaru > You >= Chika >> Dia >= Yohane >= Mari >>> Riko > Kanan

I don't hate anyone (I actually like Kanan), which is a great thing that I like everyone. 


As for the current event, I'm behind on it as per usual (I've been slacking for a couple months now, this month especially due to being in Japan), but I plan on nabbing a T1, all rewards if I can stop being lazy. I'll try to grind a lot tonight, but I plan on hitting the arcade for a few SIFAC plays and a bite out as well.

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Ah, i remember the days of tier anxiety

SM's in particular now are so stressful with the MMR, i grinded pointswise today from 100k to my current 138k and my MMR would easily drop from 18k to 16k and back up depending on how horribad I am

So as soon as i reached 138k points (the predicted cutoff is 134kish, gulp) and back into the 18k+ MMR range im just camping now.

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5 hours ago, iamnoob said:

Wondering if I should get back too... Just started watching LLS. And apparently there's now SSR and Master level songs?


Also are there any 13*+ songs? 

SSRs Yup. instead of 7 SRs and 2 URs per set / theme it's now 5 SRs, 2 SSRs, 2 URs, tho with regards to u's since they kinda implemented them on the tail end of their life span they only really have these fugly initial SSRs available (on EN at least) and they are initial-UR-tier ugly whereas Aqours has like 3x the amount of SSRs and are much prettier too

Song * rating is something i never paid attention to because of the 'subjectiveness' of it's 'actual' difficulty but yeah the most recent Nico Puri Master out on JP today definitely looks harder than other 12*s Masters I see



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Just tried NicoPM.Can say it's definitely the most fun song I've played this far. 

Still a bit too easy though.  ( Even though I got like 8 misses on my first attempt -.-' )

I think I would prefer 14*s if there ever comes such a difficulty.  But still very fun though especially the swipe notes.  Considering how many notes there are FCing this is going to be ridiculous but it's not super hard to play which makes it a fun challenge.

Which other ones are hard? I wanna try them if they are as fun as this.


My twin!!! Have you FCed it yet?

Edited by iamnoob
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