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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

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Guys.................. It actually happened.....   I actually... got a Nico...     The tears won't stop.   Even if it was just one SR as I expected, for once, FOR ONCE I got a Nico, and on t

Well, I sorted through my screenshots, but due to the 25 screenshot limit, I had to omit some less important ones. Here's a list of screenshots when rushing the SR

In order to be grateful for the URs you have and so you won't make others feel bad, I have decided to create a guidelines of things you have to do for every UR you get in the future, depending on the

Well, that was a close call.

I haven't played that much. Despite that, I still managed to easily get T2. Woke up in the morning and saw I'm around ~4900; luckily I had 75 SP left, did a single song and event one afterwards and instantly jumped to 3400 :Teeku: Everything because I decided to to do a single 10+1 draw yesterday in (vain) hopes of obtaining that UR Umi and damn I regret it so much now. I'm propably going to start saving up loveca for that upcoming Rin UR, although there's propably a lot less time than for the Nico back then.

Suprisingly, people didn't went gung ho with lovecas, the rest was preety standard. Seems like community either isn't used to the new system, or players were a lot wiser than I expected. This bodes rather well for our future wellbeing :sachi:

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I think the "mouse" suit looks like a rat and is ugly.

For me, I missed like 5-6 hours of playtime at the end of the event due to various things so I missed my 111921 goal, so dropped Rin's birthday and just went 100921 instead.

Also, I'll probably be buying this special pack just for the title and save the 10+1 ticket for when the UR Ruby comes out in April.  

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Kinda miss Tiering but so far there are no event that interested me yet :wafuu:

Which is weird considering imma tier every Aqours member except Yohane and Ruby from now on :michiru:

Also UR You is so cute, tempted to do one or two 10 rolls for her :vinty:


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So, my companion phone of 2 years has finally kicked the bucket. The screen died and won't turn on any more, so I'm stuck without a half decent phone at best, since my old one is just complete garbage. On the plus side, after charging my old phone, I found some legacy stuff.


The original title screen, pre-Takaramonos, where the song that played was just the default bgm in the main menu. 


I kind of don't want to update the app on my phone because then I'd lose this nostalgic piece of SIF history.

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12 hours ago, Jade said:

Umi solo scout.

Since it's been a while since i actually do a 10 scout, i might as well as do it one time


...... should've not bother to do it :rubycry:

Did you only do the 50 gem scout or the 30 gem scout? I hope you didn't miss the page that lets you scout 10+1 for 30 gems.

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1 hour ago, Ceris said:

Did you only do the 50 gem scout or the 30 gem scout? I hope you didn't miss the page that lets you scout 10+1 for 30 gems.

....... There's such page?

I didn't even know :rubycry:

Gonna tr-



To add insult to injury, she came again when i do 5 blue tickets scout

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14 minutes ago, Ceris said:

EN introduced what JP did for Hanayo's birthday, it's called Step Up and you can scout 30 gems, then 40, and then 50, the 50 scout is guaranteed SSR. Once you use those 3 scouts, the other page is limitless 10+1s, 50 gems each.

Yeah didnt know that :wafuu:

Not gonna spend more gems though, i still need to spend another 50 in the next UR Kotori rate up, not to mention Eli's and Nozomi's birthday scout :vinty:




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13 hours ago, Jade said:

In other news the new SM score ranking remind me bow bad am i at this game

I thought it will be a nice addition and raise good competition, but it's a fucking joke. So far, I was in the top 1500 players, only to fall down below 5k yesterday and never return back. It seems the system does not tier, nor match players accordingly to their skill level, but does so completely randomly by choosing them from an available roster of online players with similiar scores. This makes no sense, because I can't compete with whales and other players can even dream of competing with me. Normally, we all have a predefined level from start, we're able to achieve and won't ever go higher, because we'll get blocked by players who can score more due to their team setups. Furthermore, you got almost nothing from FC'ing a song. This system is incredibly flawed and unfair, as it creates scenarios, where skill doesn't matter at all and you can literally get pushed behind just by an unlucky streak of RNG. This happened to me. Now, I have issues to even get past 3-4k, because I typically earn 120-250 points being topmost FC and can lose as much as 500 and more, when I get matched with people I shouldn't even ever get matched with. This is nonsense.

Old system was at least good, because your topmost score defined your place in the song ranking. Now you have not only that, but you have to compete with other players, you have completely no impact on and a single fuck-up or stupidity on matching system's side can literally drop you off a tier in the very last moment, you'd normally fully deserve to be within.

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Agree with everything above. The SM Pt system is a good idea, and it works a little nicer in JP where there's simply a much larger pool of players to match against to make a better average, but EN's version just sucks. I'll either get matched with people 1k pts above me (keep in mind I was 16.5k rank 300 at the time) and ended up dropping 1.5k points in just 3 matches. I've been griping and moaning this whole event about how unfair it is.


On a not-complaining note:


I'm ready for the Ruby UR after this event. 


On a completely unrelated note, I've been playing SIF less because I've been hooked on a newly released anime music game, BanG Dream's mobile app or Bandori for short.

The series has outstanding music and has fun gameplay, sorta plays like the iM@S Cinderella Girls game combined with standard down scrolling rhythm style (looks like Guitar Hero actually)

For an example of one of my favorite songs. Pretty much been playing this a ton.

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