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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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On JP, the new Rs were released. There are waaaay too many R sets now to try and get the new ones. 30k FP and I only got 1 from the new set, and dozens from the old set, so annoying



Orange Pana best R :D


Too bad I only have 8k FP (and throw it away immediately, in the end got the new N twice so I can idolise her, at least)


JP have daily love ca? :o

Also, probably going to T5 Umi event for that 4LG~

The assignments~~~ :P

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I don't think JP got a notice for it either until the day before. It's not a "massive" change, it's just something people have come to depend on, it's not a necessity of the game to draw during guaranteed SR. That's why there wasn't a guaranteed SR during limited boxes before. If anything, that's a humongous bonus because you're limiting to a group of members you want, and you STILL get the guaranteed SR now. While it does suck that the notice wasn't in time to save your gems, it's all about the money, so they wouldn't care anyway :sachi:


Also, it was predicted we'd get the guaranteed SR this event anyway, because JP got it 13 months ago, and EN's limited box is 13 months behind JP's (due to weird stuff with the scouting about a year ago), but you'd only really know that if you followed Reddit, and even there it wasn't mentioned all that often. 

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