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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

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I dont even wanna know how much money that guy that got first place in the event spent on this game :amane:

His score is insane compared to the other people in the top 10 or so :P

Compared to the last event, it's nothing.

Yet clearly, this ILuvMaki guy just has too much skill in his wallet for others to beat him  :Kappa:

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Guys.................. It actually happened.....   I actually... got a Nico...     The tears won't stop.   Even if it was just one SR as I expected, for once, FOR ONCE I got a Nico, and on t

Well, I sorted through my screenshots, but due to the 25 screenshot limit, I had to omit some less important ones. Here's a list of screenshots when rushing the SR

In order to be grateful for the URs you have and so you won't make others feel bad, I have decided to create a guidelines of things you have to do for every UR you get in the future, depending on the

Oh Marie, if I didn't already have ezee... :makina:

Damn, I just got a rare nico from scouting and I can't afford to not use her (I need rares cause my scores are too low) but she's soooo annoying. I'm contemplating just playing the game on mute now :amane:

I forget which side, but activation quotes are determined in order from side to side (like, if two activate at the same time, one side masks the other)

I believe it's the right side, so put her on the furthest right.

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>Annoucement is made

>Gets parodied immediately after


Love Live fanbase in a nutshell










































Also notice how both the initial annoucement for Love Live: School Idol Project and Love Live! Sunshine! involve inserting an orange haired girl in the background in the middle of nowhere all alone.


Good job Dengeki G. 10/10 would hire for advertisement campaign again.






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Yeah It's likely going to be a spin-off, I highly doubt they'll continue the main plot of the series any further, and I genuinely feel like if they did it'd just turn into one of those franchises that's milked dry and I don't want to see that happening to muse.


If they did a spin-off based on the N cards I'm not sure how i'd feel. But I think I kind of want to see it, I want to see Kanata animated.

At the very least it's better than coming up with entirely new characters and it'd be good advertisement for the game.


Though I still stick by my Arisa and Yukiho spin off, I really would love to see that one happen.


Inb4 just another Girlfriend BETA

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Aren't there way too many N cards, though? I think it's more likely that they'd just focus on one or two sets, unless it's a huge ongoing series. The cards do make groups of 9, after all.

Girlfriend Beta also has 30+ girls and they turned that into a horrible anime :makina:


What they did there was pick 4 or 5 girls to kind of be the center of the show and then all the others were in the background doing their club activities. The anime then followed them around as they visited different people for one reason or another so in the end you got to see all the girls.

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Love Live: The Other Side Of The Coin

Watch the main series from the prespective of different schools as all the normal girls get destroyed by muse and A-Rise.


10/10 would watch again.

I imagined it taking place the year after Eli, Nozomi, and Nico graduated, and A-Rise is graduating as well, so everyone else has a chance~
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I think there are about 15-20 N cards, and the girls actually come from different schools according to some results from a poll for best N card (can't think of where I saw it). Basically, u's is the Otonokizaka we know while the others are from assorted schools.


According to the EN wiki (not sure if they added any more girls in JP):


Shizuku Osaka

Coco Miyashita

Yuu Aizawa

Marika Ichinose

Sana Yuki

Fumie Nishimura

Minami Nagayama


Akemi Kikuchi

Iruka Suda

Aya Sugisaki

Yuri Mido

Reine Saeki

Ayumi Torii

Rika Kamiya

Nanaka Morishima

Seira Kujo

Kanata Konoe

Haruka Konoe (Never knew nosebleed's goddess had a sister)

Saki Shimozono

Sachiko Tanaka

Kasane Hasekura

Ru Tatara

Akiru Shinomiya

Mizuki Kikkawa

Nagi Shiraki

Yumi Fujishiro

Shun Kurosaki

Tsurugi Kadota

Fumi Shitara

Yuuka Kirihara

Fuu Saki

Chiduko Sakamaki

Hitomi Shiga

Mikoto Fukuhara

Akira Kizaki

Yuka Tsukishima

Sayuri Hyodo


Misaki Shido



Himeno Ayanokoji

Sakura Kurobane

Sakuya Kurobane

Koyuki Shirase

Ryo Aikawa



Mutsuki Takamagahara (the blazblue reference is real)




Yukari Saotome


And then there's the first repeated card. Right. 15 girls. Obviously  :Kappa:


(I wrote all of this. I think I deserve a cookie.)


I actually think they could do a little bit more on muse. If they're particularly ambitious and want to make a bunch of money, they could possibly try an overseas competition as closure where they properly develop the characters that didn't get too much development and let the audience know what each of them will do with their futures.


A new series is fine too. As long as they properly focus on a small amount of characters.


EDIT: Could be silly me misinterpreting what you said and you were referring to the cast of the new series, not the total amount of N girls. In that case, I'm sorry~

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Asuming it's really Kasane, they could just reduce the plot to her school.

The N girls with the same school uniform as Kasane are:

Nishimiya Coco

Mido Yuri

Kanata Konoe (yes pls)

Haruka Konoe


So it could be a group of 6 which isn't that bad.

Note more girls could be in her school, i just looked at the uniform they wear on the card but some cards have a club specific attire so you don't really know where they come from.

Edit: actually looking at their idolized forms you can tell which of them form units.

The rest of the girls would be:

Sana Yuki

Rika Kamiya

Mizuki Kikkawa

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Asuming it's really Kasane, they could just reduce the plot to her school.

The N girls with the same school uniform as Kasane are:

Nishimiya Coco

Mido Yuri

Kanata Konoe (yes pls)

Haruka Konoe


So it could be a group of 6 which isn't that bad.

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Yeah, I was wrong, i never realized the list was that long :makina:


and thanks Nosebleed for finding which ones are from the same school, I was going to do that at one point to match Kasane (one of the best N!) but I was lazy. I'd be fine with an anime with Kasane as the MC~


Maybe I'll go find who else is in the same schools, unless Nosebleed already has an idea when he went through them all. I'm interested.

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