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Ikusa Megami Verita Advice

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Similar to how I did with Soukoku no Arterial, I'm going to give some light advice about playing Ikusa Megami Verita in Japanese.


1. Grinding- you can't avoid it, and if you don't do it, you'll regret it.

2. Skill levels- The higher your character level, the faster this grows per use of a skill from that tree or a weapon of that size (small, middle, and big).  Over-focusing on increasing skill levels before you hit level 200 is somewhat wasteful, as your characters probably won't have enough TP or MP to handle the higher skills early on anyway. 

3.  When grinding, auto-battle and the へタレス Labyrinth are your friends.  If you set your auto-battle to random and disable item use in the auto-battle menu, you can raise a character's level really, really fast in that dungeon, while facing enemies that don't grow stronger in parallel to you.  I suggest only using a single character to fight them once you pass level 130, as you probably won't need anymore than that.  Also, stop leveling individual characters there once they pass level 250 or so, as you start to get diminishing returns at that point.  Also, it is a good way to build up money and healing items on your first playthrough.

4.  Leveling Celica and Louis is different from leveling the rest of the characters in the game.  You actually manually expend experience to increase certain stats.   The stats, starting from the top, are attack power, stamina, defense speed, attack speed (these might be reversed, lol), intelligence, resistance (well, it acts like resistance, but it isn't), and charisma.  Attack power and stamina are obvious (single-attack damage and HP/physdefense focus), but attack speed and defense speed literally effect the number of times your character can attack in a single attack or defend from a single attack.  Since your enemies will also benefit from this, it will become rather obvious when they exceed your capabilities, because you'll receive uber-damage and die so easily it will make you want to scream, while you won't do anything to them.  For both Celica and Louis, these two stats are a major priority, even over attack power and stamina.  Intelligence and resistance both have a strong effect on MP growth, while intelligence focuses on increasing magical attack and resistance focuses on magical defense.  The last stat... charisma.  It effects everything, literally.  Keep it even with your favored stats, because it will aid you, no matter how you build your Louis or Celica. 

5.  Growing Celica:  Celica has sword techs, lightning magic, Tantric magic (charm, capture, life-drain, and death spells), and magic sword attacks (combines lightning with his physical techs, usually over a relatively wide area).  Despite this, you'll want to put a slight focus on developing him as a swordsman over a magic-user.  I'd suggest using these proportions for leveling him up, going from top to bottom (5 4 5 5 3.5 4 5).  While it might be tempting to either focus him extremely as a sorcerer or a swordsman, neither will benefit you in the long run... and most likely leave you dead against the more powerful bosses. 

6.  Growing Louis: Louis only has two skill trees, a sword-tech skill tree and a magic sword skill tree.  Both are heavily dependent on his attack power and attack speed.  As a result, he is going to be a bit more tilted to being a physical attacker than Celica.  (5 4 5 5 3 4 5).  Does this still seem a bit too balanced to you?  Try playing with Louis weak to magical attacks... considering his only companion that joins without the 2.0 characters early in the game is weak to magic... and think about the consequences of that on your survivability, lol.  He also needs a medium amount of MP to use his magic sword techs, so don't hold back. 

7.  Regardless of how you choose to level them, when you hit level 500, you'll have maxed all of Louis and Celica's stats, and - bare of equipment - they will be much more powerful than the other characters around them outside of a few magical attackers having greater natural magic attack.  Also, if you have Haishiera from 2.0, her native power is the best overall in the game at the end, with access to pure-element magic, earth magic, and powerful physical attacks, as well as bare stats equivalent to or surpassing the protagonists' in some areas.  In exchange, she levels more slowly than any other character in the game.  I suggest equipping her with one of the experience-boosting accessories as early as possible, simply to balance that out.

8.  Luna Clear and Monalka are both great healers, with access to the Healing and Regeneration magic branches.  Both are only on the Light route.  For this reason, I really, really suggest playing the Light route first.

9.  Do NOT play the Darkness route first, even if you have the characters from 2.0.  My reasons?  Without Marinya's thief techniques, you won't be able to get certain rare drops from late-game bosses that are needed to make Celica's ultimate weapons.

10.  Leveling the Haishiera Sword versions: The first level-up requires you to have maxed the first version, be at a certain level, and have the four support characters and Tetori that you can get up until that point (if you missed Meki in the Graveyard of the Gods, you are screwed) then you have to fight her in a duel in the Red Moon Temple.  You have to be Level 400 with Celica to get the Lax Haishiera, the most powerful version of her sword (you can't use his magic sword techs without versions of her weapon) and armor, and you also have to defeat a boss at the bottom of Celica's version of 霞の祠.  Understand, these weapons are the most powerful you can get for him on your first playthrough, so don't miss them.

11.  You can start hunting はぐれ魔神 after Beelzebub's Temple, but I'd really suggest you avoid doing so until you have your party about level 350.  They are hard, almost as hard as the last boss in some cases.  Ratiniel, who can become a party member for Celica (as opposed to a summoned demon or a support member), is the most important.  She is a very powerful all-rounder, which gives you another arrow in your quiver, late-game.  Astaroth, the last from Louis's side of things, also gives you the last key you can get on your first playthrough, letting you get to treasures that would otherwise be inaccessible.  I'd really suggest you have five of the accessory 手加減の腕輪 so that you don't accidentally kill them without using the Tantric magic tech 捕縛 to finish them off.  You can unequip or equip any accessory at any time in the combat menu without using up any in-battle time, incidentally, which eliminates the problem of battle preparations in most cases, lol. 

12.  There is a very short frame, early in the game, in which you can get access to Celica's hit-all lightning spells.  You do this through a request at the inn at Barata.  It is in chapter 2, I think, but you'd do well to check it every time you get to the world map early in the game. 

13.  霞の祠 is the challenge dungeon for your first playthrough.  There are few healing points, most of which disappear on a single use, the transporter points are rare, the enemies are hard (relatively speaking, for when you able to access each area), and you'll be forced to go there repeatedly in order to fulfill certain requests and obtain certain quest items.  I suggest exploring it frequently and opening up its transport points as early as possible, as it will both let you level up along the way and save yourself time later.

14.  Himegari's protagonist and Lily.  Lily is the ONLY character in the game that starts at level 1... and she can use every weapon and armor type in the game.  She is decent sorcerer and an average fighter.  You can also get her early enough that it doesn't feel like a waste  of time to level her up.

15. There is a really easy way to max the small weapons skill of any character that has access to staves.  Use the alchemist's shop to make a Healing staff 癒しの杖, equip it on that character, go to the へタレス Labyrinth, start a battle with that character alone, all counter skills deactivated, and all support characters remove... and go away for two or three hours to do something else.  When you come back, their small weapons skill will most likely be maxed, lol.  It will go even faster if you weigh down your ctrl button with something so that it skips the battle animations and accelerates battle speed, lol. 

16.  Ultimate and M-rank weapons are only accessible on your second playthrough, with max-level characters.  The only exception is the Lax Haishiera, the final form of the Haishiera sword. 

17.  Focus on leveling Ekuria's magic and levels early on (especially her pure-element magic tree), as there will be several times where she is fighting alone against horrible odds.  Also, equip her with a whip rather than a snake sword as early as possible, as her physical attacks are virtually worthless, in comparison to the speed with which she can make enemies lose heart for battle using a whip. 

18.  While most of the time, Darkness magic is perfectly awesome, late-game there are lots of enemies that are resistant to it or absorb it.  Both Petrene and Naberius have access to fire magic as well... level that as much as possible early on.

19.  Magic that attacks the will to fight (usable by a few characters like Luna Clear) is very powerful against regular enemies but useless against bosses.  However, the magic in that same tree that boosts your will to fight is like a form of healing magic, as well as a boost to your stats, as your attacks and defenses are more powerful with higher FP and some enemies attack FP, which kills you if it hits zero, just like HP.  Every time you are attacked, you take one point of damage to your FP, a fact you should keep in mind before thinking you can settle into 'defense mode' in boss battles.  This game encourages being aggressive over being defensive, most of the time.

20.  In dungeons, the farther the meter in the top right hand corner is to the left, the higher the encounter rate and the more powerful the enemies that appear.  はぐれ魔神 appear most often when it is at the far left, whereas it is almost impossible to get them to appear at the far right.  The only way to move the meter to the left is walking around, whereas you can use items to move it to the right.  When you just want to walk through a dungeon on the way to an objective, without a lot of fighting, I suggest using 支配者の杖, an item that can be bought at the Church, to move it over to the right. Even when the meter is at the far left, the rate at which hagure majin appear never gets above 2%. 



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There's amusing "bug", if you install all appends and clear them first (to get extra units), game will think its second play-through when you start actual story and will let you access bonus dungeon, eushully maids, maid cards, and craft M-rank weapons. A lot of M-grade stuff requires unique ingredients coming from end-game (after the point of no return), but at least you can get best Celica's sword and best sword for Haisherra. Plus stuff for minor characters.

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To get Astraea's sword (it isn't called that, but that is what it is) you have to have the drop from the Louis ending of the Darkness path, for instance.  In addition, to get the 'promised holy sword', you have to have a drop from the rainbow slimes in a dungeon in the endgame of the True History.  Stuff like that pops up a lot.  Thankfully, the game takes a lot less time the second way through, if you got most of your grinding over with.

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You can craft 真実の神剣 (recipe is 約束の神剣 + 万能の水晶×3 + 飛躍の白星石×2 + 神霊の錬液) in first playthrough after 2.0 extra stories if you beat final EX dungeon (that retardedly hard orbital station with 500 level mobs, forced encounters, no feathers, no wing of return, no portals), which is best Celica sword and one needed for his ultimate title.

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You don't actually have to finish the EX dungeon to get access to the recipe.  You just have to do both Louis's and Celica's versions of 霞の祠 down to B20 and beat the bosses there (including that gives you the Lax Haishiera)

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I'm sorry, this might not be the place for the question (help), but I'm kinda stuck in the game.

I'm at chapter 3 as Celica currently. I've done all the quests in both towns and have Tetori. I really don't know what to do to move forward in the story.

Help would really be appreciated. Thank you.

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