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Your favorite VN protagonists/antagonists


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I am the type of player that has to like the protagonist of a game in order to enjoy it.

1- Devils Devel Concept: Sora is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the psychological structure of the Enja from a normal' human's point of view. He is selfish, obsessed with fulfilling his obligations, and extremely arrogant. The fact that he has the power to let him get away with it and is intelligent enough to make it seem as if it were not wasted on him is a nice cherry for the top of the cake.

2- Shiranui Yoshikazu (Evolimit): I mostly like this guy because he epitomizes what you'd expect in a 'hero' in the 'frontier spirit' sense of the word. Driven by curiosity, a sense of obligation to the girl who exists only in his subconscious mind, and a fiery (quite literally) determination to get what he wants done done, he is also something of a pervert and is perfectly willing to make a fool out of himself on a regular basis.

3- Hiro (Yurikago Yori Tenshi Made): A guy with what the people around him call 'chokketsu-nou', his id tends to open his mouth before he thinks, leading to all sorts of hilarious results (such as blushing from Tomoe - who happens to be a guy - and broken fingers or limbs from Ume). His personality is... distinct. To be honest, talking too much about his personality would ruin the game totally for you (as his personality is a central plot element), so I'll leave it at that. He is perfectly capable of conversing civilly one moment and shattering the skull of his dining mate the next simply because the other mentioned the wrong person to him.

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I am the type of player that has to like the protagonist of a game in order to enjoy it.

You know, I used to think that I was that way, too. And then I read G Senjou no Maou ; ). Turns out I don't have to like the MC to enjoy a game, just as long as there are other things to pull me along.

Although I grew to love G Senjou's MC by the end, even before the twists. Something kept telling me that, despite what I was seeing, the MC couldn't be evil : )

This is a great topic. I'm going to have to let this one marinate in my head for a bit before I can respond.

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Well, first of all I need to tell that originality or good character disclosure is often enough for me to like the character.

Even if he's a complete asshole, pathetic, violent or whatever, so:


Nishijou Takumi (Chaos;Head). - So Paranoid he's cool.

He's just perfect fit to the conspiracy thriller story.

Mal Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory is just boring, compared to Takumi. His vision of the events in chaos;Head makes this hell looks even more hellish. Nightmarish and paranoid inferno of horrifying despair.

Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate). Everybody loves him, yeah.

Those two are in the first place of top. Not only because they're great, but because I saw much of my own character's features in them.


Sakisaka Fuminori (Saya no Uta)

Immoral bastard in me was exulting, when I empathized this character.


Tokisaka Reiji (Kara no Shoujo)

Badass old-school detective with tragic past. So noir.

Although, he was a bit too chary of emotions.

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This is hard question, I usually try to take the role of the protagonist so my liking for him is declared by how much I agree with his choices and acting (those I cannot chose in VN)

However if the protagonist is nothing like me and still interesting, it is good too.

For the first instance I would then chose Kogasaka You from Hoshizora no Memoria, I must say that I was able to reflect myself quite a lot in him, even though I didn't agree how he treated Chinami (well in her route very well in the end, that I agreed with xD), when I remember to my young age, I also often teased a girl I liked, there is even saying about that in Czech, but it is probably untranslatable, it has meaning that people who tease each other actually show affection for each other or something along those words, there might be similar saying in English but I do not know what it is.

Also his famous line "The person I've fallen in love with just happens to be a little girl!" got me so much as it is basically what happened to me after I started watching anime and playing VNs, I started loving lolis so much xD

For the second instance it would be Yusa Yuuichi from Wanko to Kurasou, even though he was as far from me as anyone can ever be, I liked his personality very much, his past and then how he acted in the game. I couldn't possibly get into his role in the game as he was so much different than me, but I really liked him nevertheless.

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I feel a kindred spirit with you, an interesting protagonist is usually the first characteristic in my mind when I'm looking for a VN to read. That said, I'll list some of the best protagonists I have ever read:

1) Kazami Yuuji from Grisaia no Kajitsu, what makes him stood out is his unique narration in the common route where he loves to open a scene with funny anecdotes followed with the scene itself, making me read the extremely long common route without skipping any of them one bit. His rather dubious approach towards daily life problems coupled with his natural badass personality makes him even more entertaining to read, though it's kinda like full metal panic in that regards.

2) Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate, who doesn't like him? A delusional mad scientist complete with evil laughter yet deeper than what he usually looks like.

3) Tokisaka Reiji from Kara no Shoujo, the very definition of Noir protagonist done right.

4) All protagonists from looseboy's creation, generally a well-written protagonist with badass personality and bright mind.

5) Kawano Hatsuyuki from Hatsuyuki Sakura, a tsundere character with rich background story. There are other unusual tendencies (like drinking booze when he is stressed) which just serves to make his character more fleshed out than most. Certainly one of the best tsukkomi protagonist, ever.

6) Most trap protagonists, but this is just my personal preference :P The one from Koitate is especially awesome.

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If the main character is an interesting person with his/her own goals, needs, concerns, and so on... that usually makes their story better. There are exceptions, but for now, let me praise a few standout MCs.

Haruma Kazushi from Edelweiss is a bit overshadowed by his three friends, who provide most of the VN's wacky schemes and antics. But this character does not just stand back idly while they act like idiots. A good amount of the time, he's usually causing trouble as well.

Kamikura Hiroki from Canvas 2 is an adult with a plausible job (art teacher), and he's basically a substitute parent for Elis. He spends a good portion of the VN figuring out what he'll do next, and dealing with his artistic ambitions and dreams. I can't say "best protagonist ever" or anything, but he's not a bad example for a slice of life story.

While I know that Cross Channel was fan translated three years ago, I still haven't gotten around to it. All its characters sound fascinating, including protagonist Kurosu Taichi.

Thinking about works-in-progress... Michelle "Mike" from Forever Alone: Nerds the Gathering sounds like an a pretty cool girl. She likes memes and she doesn't afraid of any fanboys.

That's all I have for now.

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Makoto from school days... Damn it hurts just saying that.

Well I might be a terrible person but I really like the protagonists who are a bit evil, I've never been the person who likes white knights(save everybody, I like everyone, can't make sacrifices when needed).

So on my list it's:

Azai Kyousuke from G-senjou as he can be really cold hearted when it's needed but at the same time he can be a good person.

Sakisaka Fuminori from Saya no uta

he's really a guy you should hate but the writer have done a great job on this VN

Nishijou Takumi from Chaos;head. His paranoia is what makes this character.

Honorable mention

(okabe from steins;gate, haven't played the VN but watched the anime so can't really say how much I like him in the VN)

Edit: oh yeah, even though Shirou is all I'm against in fate/stay night I must say that after some time I actually liked him. (Spent around 90 hours with him :P)

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Not in any order...

1. Houzuki, from sharin no kuni. He is just a badass in so many levels. I don't know where to even start

-As Premagate said. pretty much all protagonists from looseboy's creation, generally a well-written protagonist with badass personality and bright mind.

2. Takeru, from Muv Luv Alt. So human, so awesome and yet so fragile.

3. Taichi, from Cross Channel. He struggles to be with other people, yet he wants to be with them. So human :.(

4. Kagami Kouhei, from Yume Miru Kusuri. I don't really like him or anything at all.. But he is just so strikingly similar how I was around my teen's, it is scary...

5. Okabe Rintarou, who is hilarious and in a nerve wrecking story? Yup, he is.

6. Takamine Yuuto, from Ein no Aselia. Not sure why I think he's so good, I just do haha. Maybe the way he constantly fight's against insanity and fighting on.

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1. Taichi, from Cross Channel - I have a huge soft spot for protagonists that are fucked up in the head.

2. Shouichi, from DEARDROPS - One of the few cases (in my opinion) where a protagonist with a face is handled well. That and he's a beast at violin.

3. Kyousuke, from G-senjou no Maou - I'm not a big fan of the stories that Akabeisoft2 write, but their saving grace for me is ALWAYS the amazing protagonists/antagonists they write. Out of these, Azai Kyousuke wins by long a shot.

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I would say my favorite Protagonist from the VNs I've played so far is Yuuji from Grisaia, mainly because he has the most interesting personality and past.

Haven't really come across any really good Antagonists though. 

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Kazami Yuuji and akabeisoft2's(G-Senjou,Sharin no Kuni,aprofile) ones are the ones that i like mostly,also liked the one from Yume Miru Kusuri (dont remember the name)

as for Antagonists no idea,Maou from G-senjou and Houzoki from Sharin no Kuni would be the only ones that comes close i guess?

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you will never guess mine

Lemme guess...Rance is your favorite antihero protagonist.  Didn't see that one comin'  xD


Hmmm...so far, my favorite protagonists are Yuuji from Grisaia and You from Hoshimemo.  Yuuji is hilarious, and has made me laugh so hard I fell off my computer chair, and I like You because of how caring he is in regards to the women in his life.


Antagonist...hmmm...I loathed Shinji from F/sn (which proves that I'm in a normal mental state)...can't really think of an antagonist I've really liked in a VN besides Setsuna from Hoshimemo, and she isn't that much of an antagonist after the first few routes.

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Protag: Minato Kageaki (Muramasa), he gets coolness points +99 in the fandisk but I prefer him in the main game


Antagonist: Reinhard Heydrich (Dies irae), the very definition of OP, the way the game slowly builds his reputation up as this insanely powerful demigod badass that can destroy the universe with a fart is just really cool, at least based on the routes I've read so far.

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