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What is the cutest image you have ever seen? (including girls ;))

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I try finding something similar, my gallery is huge so it's hard to find but I am sure I will find something for you.


In the mean time I found lot's of cute images that I never shared here and I haven't posted in this topic in a while so....


(Nosebleed there are some for you here too toward the end ;) )




































PS: Damn my upload speed is so low took me 10 min to upload them all.

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Time to share some the results of yesterdays pixiv hunt.

You know you're obsessed with a fandom when you spend over 4 hours looking for every possible picture related to it.

And I don't care if this isn't the yuri thread.

This probably isn't the best thread to ask this but I've been wondering for awhile now: What event caused Nico and Maki to be shipped as a couple? It's not just  because of that one hugging scene is it? o.o

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Not bad at all! I'll take it. :)

Edit: Actually, do you have a link to a larger version of that? It doesn't look to bad when I resize it, but having it at an original 1080 would be nice.





Iori best girl.






Sure, here is a larger version 4206x2927





And here are some new ones







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She is cute. I really need to watch Dog Days one day, I heard it's really fun.

And who could forget the oh so lovable Kanon girls?!













Makoto best girl.


I say go for it, it has many cute lolis, some really cute romantic scenes, story is prety unique and I found it higly enjoyeble. And Eclair is one of my favorite characters ever. There is a good posibility that 3 season will come out soon too.


Here some more Eclair.










And here are some other cute girls from Dog Days

















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This probably isn't the best thread to ask this but I've been wondering for awhile now: What event caused Nico and Maki to be shipped as a couple? It's not just  because of that one hugging scene is it? o.o

Didn't notice someone asked this. Sorry I rarely check this thread.

But let ME enlighten you on NicoMaki history~


NicoMaki started way back in February 2012 when in the Mogyutto PV the staff decided to have Maki give Nico chocolates for valentine's

That's the origin of NicoMaki. It's at 3:41



But it didn't stop there. When Love Live had its first anime adaptation. On episode 12 Nico is tightly hugged by Maki who pretty much sobs on her shoulder and it was very touching to say the least.

This is one of the biggest boosts that caused NicoMaki to become so popular because of all the skinship involved and how canon it was.




There's also plenty of other moments where Nico gets close to Maki in the series but that one is the most famous.


And then it just started appearing in other media.


In Love Live SIF Nico is holding Maki's hand on the title screen.



There's also a bunch of references to "Nico and Maki being always like that" in School Idol Festival, implying they have a close relationship.


In the Music S.T.A.R.T PV Nico is sleeping next side Maki at 3:07 and snuggling her at 4:46





In the cover of the latest single Bokutachi no Kiseki Nico and Maki are also holding hands



Then in season 2 Nico is often seen next side Maki and in the early episode she even hugs her in particular instead of any of the girls



And the latest one was in season 2 where Nico and Maki had a very close moment where they shared a baked sweet potatoe on a camp trip. This one got the fandom by surprise and soon after the episode aired there was already plenty of fanart of the baked sweet potato scene.



Another big source for the fandom is also the novels and the manga where their relationship is completely different.

Quote from chapter 10 of the novels where Nico persuaded Maki to stay with u's.

「Because of my personality, I would be better off in a private school.

But, I was able to meet with everyone here.

I feel that I am able to be honest now

Just like Honoka-chan, I want to do my best for the things I like and want to do, this is because I ended up meeting such people who doesn’t think much and just act impulsively.

This, I feel, is not too bad. I am able to understand now.

Compared to worrying about the future, it would be better to focus on how I am feeling right now.

And so, I write.

I, am very happy with everyone now.

I want to work hard in μ’s. I want to do my best and fufil our dreams.

To protect our school, to protect the place where we can be together, to fufil that dream.

Because I want to fufil my goal of being an idol, I will not overthink things and just move ahead.

How far can I go if I were to keep running ahead? Anyway, I will just move forward together with everyone else, I thought to myself.

Yes, it’s because of this, the me right now is able to put in more effort, it’s not too bad isn’t it? eheh

Ah. But there’s something I have to make clear.

Do not get me wrong. I did not come to this school, just to meet Nico-chan!

Because I do not want anyone to misunderstand, I am writing this here. 」


Note the novels and manga have a different storyline than the anime so their relationships are differently depicted as well. And Maki is obviously very close to Nico.


Nico and Maki are just very close in most of the official works and that's why they're such a popular shipping and the staff knows this as well so they give fans special treats like this illustration:




Translation (not by me!):

N: Let me in~!
It was as a voice jumped out from my mind, I got a shock. 
I turned around franctically, as expected. 
It was Nico-chan.
N: That’s great! I’ve been here waiting all this time♪ Waiting for a kind person to share an umbrella with Nico♥ But no one walked past. I thought it didn’t matter whoever came by, I just wanted someone to come along, even Maki would be fine, and you appeared♪ 
M: He-hey, I didn’t say I’ll let you under it! Ah! And wasn’t it raining since morning, why didn’t you bring an umbrella? Don’t tell me you forgot it. 
N: Yup, that’s right♥ Nico’s umbrella, was probably taken by someone in the family. 
M: Even if that’s the case, shouldn’t your house have a 500yen umbrella? Why did you have to purposely come under mine
N: It doesn’t matter does it~ Don’t make me sound so evil! Nico was waiting because Nico wanted to go home with Maki♪
M: Didn’t you just say that anyone would be fine
N: Well, to be honest, Nico was waiting here because Nico wanted to confess to Maki♥ And so, Maki, please hear me,  I had these feelings for Maki since way back”
Even though I understood clearly
I knew that she was joking, but when I saw her large eyes, my heart ended up beating even faster, I really hate this sort of me
N: Nico loves Maki~ ♥ ♥ ♥ Can you walk me halfway? 
Towards the Nico who hugged me, I replied as such
M: If it’s only halfway… wouldn’t you still end up getting soaked! It can’t be helped, I’ll walk you to your house!
Nico had a complacent smile on her face
Ahh. I’m really weak. 
Even though I know I shouldn’t do this… But. 
Today is a rainy day. And so, it can’t be helped isn’t it?  
It’s fine for us both to go home together like this sometimes, right? 


That's pretty much the gist of it so far. They are just seen as cute together. Nico teases Maki and Maki goes tsundere on Nico but secretly she just wants to be close to her~


Read some doujins with them by Ooshima Tomo. I'm sure you'll come to love them as much as I do <3


Also to stay on topic with the thread:


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