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What is the cutest image you have ever seen? (including girls ;))

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rlly? ok i give up. ur arguments were always very weak, but this one just killed the last bit of hope in me


If we had this conversation somewhere else it might seem as you are right, but here on Fuwa 95% of people prefer 2D and 60% are lolikons. As for my arguments, you don't need to look at pictures my point was more in text beneath them. My point is that not only 2D girls are far more beautiful, but their personalities are far better too. And anyway all 3D people look disgusting to me so it doesn't matter what picture is there.  Nothing in 3D world can match this pure beauty of 2D.




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this is TRUE cute



this should be cute to the majority here i think



I want to hate you for posting more ugly 3D creatures here, but I can't after a second pic they are ultra cute.



Here are few more cute original fan arts.











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Lolis are gross, and should be banished from this Earth, unlike my Flutter-chan who is adorable.


Bowling ball dropped.




i salute you for saying this in Steve's territory.

I agree. We all have a time in our lives in which we forget we have life, and it seems you've been blinded by Flutterz. Though I understand, as my love for Sieghart burns just as greatly, I feel that this is really not the way to go.


Tell the mob hi for me.

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Steve understands that I am a much needed presence in his life so he is able to argue his points more validly. Without me, he knows he is lost...considering the fact I hold his precious Mare h-scenes. Still, while Steve considers me as one of the best friends he has ever had, Flutterz is still someone I hold dear. <3

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