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What is the cutest image you have ever seen? (including girls ;))


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I've been browsing images for a long time, sankaku, gelbooru, konachan and such, but never have I seen cuter image than this.
[image removed by moderation]

If you know some other cute ones or even better ones, post it! wink.gif




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This one is just ridiculously cute, not only because of the girl in the center, but she is a big part of it


Sorry, I don't know how to resize it to make it smaller :(/>/> Could anyone tell me how they did that?

But seriously though, Ro-Kyu-Bu is a literal font of ridiculously cute scenes, situations, and images. You should watch it. Like, right now, this moment. But it's not like I want you to or anything....hmmph! #end-tsundere-moment

Edit: Well, now I feel foolish for saying I didnt know how to resize it, when it does it automatically, :lol:

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This is from Fate/hollow ataraxia so I will put spoiler tag to be on the safe side so if you don't want to see anything from fate/hollow then don't check.

I swear if I was 80+ I would have died from heart failure saying HNNNNNNNNNNG.

This is the best part of the VN for me and it was amazingly cute for me with the dialogue and everything, oh my god...


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Ohhh my!.. I'd like to share pics but I do not know how..

A little help please? ^^

Ok, i don't know if i'm doing it right.

First, get your image url. I upload it to picasa, photobucket, or other site, then copy the url using right-click. (it seems fuwanovel does'nt support upload file yet)...


Then, click reply to post or just add reply.


click insert image, then paste your image url there.


ok, just it. you can drag and drop your image to move it.


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Oh god, I feel like the worst person in the world for forgetting about my most favorite, most adorable girl when I posted Ro-Kyu before, by and far, in my opinion, Takenaka Hanbei is just the most adorable girl in EVER!


And another of her cuteness


Inuchiyo Maeda is also pretty cute, from the same series, and yes, it has been mentioned what this pic could be photoshopped for, so don't mention it, we don't need to ruin her adorable cuteness :P/>


This are two characters (loli type) from Oda Nobuna no Yabou, an anime series, if you don't know already.

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One person can give opinion more than 1 picture?

MM, i have a lot cute image, but, it's kind of ecchi, H, fetish, loli... too dangerous to shared in this page tongue.gif...

Cute and sexy is hard to separated. other people said blushing and shy count as cute.,,

Well doesn't really matter, as long as we have fun we can post as many cute girls.

Although the picture I posted is actually what I find the cutest since I started watching anime and playing VNs and moe games.

I have tons of cute ones but this one is top for a long time.

Also ecchi is fine and lolis are encouraged xD

We should restrain from posting pure H pictures, maybe cute undressed (in spoiler tag) but no hardcore or stuff like that.

And I am on the side that thinks blushing and shyness is automatically +5 to cuteness so if you have those, feel free to post smile.gif

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