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I understand this is an extaction thread but I wonder if I can also ask about re-packing?


I have successfully unpacked the resource files we need from a *.pfs archive using asmodean's extractor tool but...I can't seem to find a way to put them all back together. I've tried searching the interwebs and I found a similar thread here made about two years ago but, sadly, it doesn't say aything on how to actually re-pack the files back? Any clue or information would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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I didn't do any research about repacking.

I could very well though.


First I should get back to working on this... It's been a long time, damn.

But yeah, it's a good idea !


That would be so great! 

I've been combing the net for any ideas but I think I've hit a dead end. 

I'm convincing my partner to take on the translation project but it would be useless if we wouldn't be able to put the modified game text back :(

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Sorry, as stupid as it sounds, I really have no idea how to recreate the archive using the cpp file.

I mean,  I can open it and all but I have zero knowledge on scripting, that's why ( ̄◇ ̄;) I thought there'd be a tool like expf2.exe to repack but I'm not having any luck so far. 


I tried to search for AnimED but I'm not coming up any results. I think it used to be on the tlwiki but it has been removed?

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Ah but I already have the files we need? I ran the *.pfs file on the extractor and found where the game text files are - all up and ready to be translated. I just have zero idea how we're going to put them all back to a working *.pfs file for the game once we're done.

It would've been great if we can use the extractor the same way but...yeah.

Thanks for the link - I'll check it out!

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I would be able to write you a repacker, but I do not have a PC nearby, and code from phone is not really possible. So if you would not have any luck in 2 weeks (when I come back to my home PC) - drop me a PM. Also hope you would have something translated by that time, as I am quite tired to take part in projects which never got finished...

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It's the sequel to Amesia, a VN game for mobile. 


I'd like to send you the .pfs file itself but it's over 1GB.

Most, if ot all, of the game files were inside the .pfs archive (text, CGs, BGs, mp4). 


It doesn't seem like it's a common extnesion as there's not much resource online  :nervous: 
It's lucky that there was an extractor available though.

@Scorp also said it's simple enough but I really would have no idea, to be honest, so any help would definitely be appreciated. 

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I've been looking for extraction tools for the .arc files in older Ciel games like Arcana (2000), Mitama (2001), and After (2003). I ran across the excfarc tool from Asmodean's stuff. It seems to work for more recent Ciel games, like Sora no Iro (2004), but it seems they changed formats at around that time. Anyone have any leads on where I can get such extraction tools?

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After extracting the event CGs and character sprites from Kajiri Kamui Kagura, I ran into another problem. The images are all in fragments, but there was merge_dzi.pl file that was able to merge them together. Does anyone know how to use this file? I heard that you need other programs to use it too, but not sure what they were. Kinda a noob at this. Thank you in advance. 

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I think this is something MangaGamer uses a lot. My example here is with Deardrops.


I used the ExtractData tool, which can be found on the page you linked too. I specifically used the "Improved English version", not sure if it makes a difference. Probably not.


.arc Files


Download, unzip, and run ExtractData


File > Open File, then find and select your .arc file to be extracted




You'll then see all of the files in said .arc file


Extract > Extract All, then choose where you want the files to be extracted to




Click OK, wait for files to be extracted.

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