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Hello everyone, I'm trying to extract the script from a game called Yoiyo Mori no Hime. It's a psp game released some weeks ago. It's stored in a filed called SCRIPT.DAT (iso had it in allcaps). It's a new game from a new company, so I'm having trouble with figuring things out.


When I put SCRIPT.DAT in a hex editor...

  1. It has ADVF at the beginning; a header (if it is) that I've never seen before. The rest of the .dat files in the game also contain ADVF or ADVG near the start of the file.
  2. When I change the encoding to SHIFT-JIS, the lines in the script looks fine, but the names of the speakers are nowhere to be found.

edit: grammar

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EDIT: Also not many people can do PSP games, so don't count on much help.


Yep, I figured that I could have a little more luck over at gbatemp, but creating a new thread for the typical hard-to-determine .dat file could be more trouble than it's worth, especially for the regular ROMhackers who have to answer the same question all the time.


But here's the original file, 2mb.

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Format's pretty simple, but that doesn't help decompilation since the game isn't there to test. Without a proper decomp it would just be bodging strings, and hoping to get lucky that there aren't any jumps or flow control in it.



long magic (ADVF)

long ukn (version number?)

long file count



long absolute pos

long length

long ukn (possibly compressed or uncompressed length if the file was compressed, but all null here)


Don't know about the individual script formats, need some investigation from the game. The strings are all integrated into the script directly, so changing string length may break things if there's any flow control. Opcodes are all words, text-related ones are all above 0x90. 0x95 is narration, 0x96 is not sure (voiced lines?), 0x9e has text too. I can't be sure without the game. 0x93 are like labels or something.


I would've gotten an older game from them and checked that one, but VNDB says this is the only game this company has made, so can't do that either.

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Sooo...I'm trying to get a specific voiced line from Majikoi S (Gakuto singing Happy Birthday), and I have no idea what program I need in order to get into .pac files (assuming it's in the Voice.pac file).  Looked around for a while, and I pretty much got jack.  Anyone mind helping me?  I can just record it manually as a last resort, but I'd much prefer getting the audio file itself.

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Why so serious? By me remake is so much better even in terms of code (that awful Macromedia Director in old version, bleeeeh). And no, I am not working on it, I just wondering about images :) Anyway, if you started that - you have a tool to extract files from cst archives (Macromedia Director protected files)? Did not found any working urls for such a thing...

Ok yeah it's just compression, not encryption. I haven't made a decompresser yet, but here's the decompressed file: http://a.pomf.se/ixanzt.rar

EDIT: Ok, made a decompresser and a fake compressor: http://a.pomf.se/qfzmbb.rar

Actually it is just 100% standard LZSS from 1989 by Haruhiko Okumura - https://oku.edu.mie-u.ac.jp/~okumura/compression/lzss.c

You can just compile the script by my link (do not forget to change 0x20 in buffer to be 0x0) and this would do perfect compress/decompress.

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Has anyone had any luck with Minori games, I want to translate Bittersweet Fools or Kimi ga nozomu eien. The file in quesiton is a .mip file, if I can't hack the game then a graphics dump of the game would be wonderful. That way I could rebuild the game. 

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