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Need help, I been using ExtractData 1.20 to extract some vn. When extract vn file that containing image folder such as image.dat size over 1GB, I have no problem to extract it, but whenever I try to extract vn file that containing voice such as voice.dat size about 200MB, I got error saying that "error memory not enough". And when I try extract vn file containing background music such as bgm.dat size about 20MB, I have no problem. (FYI, I'm using windows 10 pro, I already try compatibility mode but no luck).
Hope someone have solution for this.

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Does anybody know how to extract/interpret the files from SPLUSH WAVE(RPG-focused doujin circle) games? 

They are on GAMENAME_BASE.dat, _BGM.dat, KOE.dat, etc. But focusing on BASE.dat for the scripts to translate. BGM and sound files extract fine without problems but image and script files gets wierd.

GARbro can kinda extract the files. It gives thousands of files and asks to override a few of them, all of them without extension and open as binary text.
My guess is that it loses the directory tree info and files with repeated names on different directories causes this. Most of them are obvious script files(e.g. CID_MON_SERIFU_091), while others should be images(CID_TITLESEL).

Just wondering if anyone has any idea where to go from here. It feels like the packing method utilized should be in some way standard as GARbro can almost unpack them.

I'd really like to make interface translation patches for them. Although they are a doujin circle they make fully voiced and great RPG games and are getting progressively better with time.
Not holding much hope for this but I'll leave this post here just in case. Thanks.


Edit: It turns out newer games can extract image files correctly, so all the images are okay, I just can't find any file that seems to correspond to the items and skills information. Or any script text files. There are a few binary files but they are just too little, I guess GARbro is getting lost and skipping them along with the directory structure.


EDIT2: Refer to script translation thread for further developments(


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